5 Things We Learned at Glendale Supercross

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Eli Tomac IS 2nd ALL-TIME in SX Wins!

I really never saw this coming. Yes, Tomac has been top tier his entire career, but passing Ricky Carmichael AND James Stewart in all-time wins in one season has been truly remarkable. We’re witnessing history and greatness right now and it’s hard to take it all in. Tomac’s 51st win was also special because he pulled out a seven point gap on Cooper Webb in the championship chase in one weekend. Only 21 more to catch MC!

RJ Hampshire is Next

If RJ Hampshire doesn’t move up to the 450 next season (he’d do great there as well) then the 250 class is going to be his. He’s got his consistency down this year, other than a 1-22-13 performance at the Anaheim 2 Triple Crown, RJ has finished second in every other main event. One thing about Mr. Hampshire is that he’s going to give it everything he’s got every single time on the track. I think before the season ends that he will put a W on the board. Oh, and before I get on the next topic, can we talk about his save in the whoops? He almost crashed about 17 times and the best part about it is on Instagram when he said that it was “Just another average Tuesday for him.”  

The Legendary Chiz

Prior to the weekend a VERY controversial bit of news shook up the moto Twitter World. Kyle Chisholm found out that I had texted riders to find out what they did on the off-weekend and didn’t include him! Look, in my defense, I know that my buddy Chiz is super busy when he’s at home and to be honest I don’t like to bother him that much. (Also, before Indy when he did write me back, he should have noticed the handful of ignored messages I sent to him in the off-season.) It’s okay, Chiz used his anger for me (as well as a really great suspension setting from his guy Matt from Active Ride) and finished 11th overall on the night. It was his best finish since the Salt Lake City finale last year. Good riding Chiz. Maybe I won’t check in on you more often!  

Pierce Brown Is Resilient 

I don’t write much about Pierce and I’m not really sure why. He’s super fast and has been progressing every year since turning pro. I’m not sure if the team expected him to be a title contender by this point in his career or not. He’s gone 5-8-5-7-4 this season, which is holding it down for GasGas in the 250 class this year. I think the biggest talking point for Pierce is that if he tries to go for that podium does he make the mistake and crash? Or does he simply find a speed he’s comfortable at and finish just off of the podium?

Barcia at His Best

Justin Barcia gets to these certain flashes of brilliance throughout his career and I’m like, this is it, he’s going to win a bunch. It does seem to be in a contract year when he does light it up, yet this year it’s different. He’s riding incredible right now and totally loose and flowing. He’s passing up through the pack to get results. I say in this final stretch of the season that Barcia gets a win or two. He also seems like he’s in a really good head space in all of his interviews and gives really thoughtful answers. He seems to be enjoying the races more now than he ever has. According to Racer X’s (my twin) Mitch Kendra, Barcia has a two year extension from GasGas waiting for him to sign. You love to see it!

Main image: Yamaha

Written by Troy Dog

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