Clueless: Glendale

Thanks to the Easter Sunday break in Switzerland, I was able to chill and watch all six motos from the Triple Crowns and chucked in the Futures race too, just for good measure. Although having skipped through approximately 45 hours of dead air or advertising, I definitely give props to the people in the stadium who suffered through all the breaks in the action (and the poisonous gases) and kept watching until the end…

-Was anyone surprised when Sexton stalled it in the lead?

-At least he got it right back

-How does Glendale always look so much bigger than any other stadium?

-It even had room for a whole lane that zero riders seemed to use in the 450 night show

-Still waiting for a bit of Hill-on-Hill coverage

-Those AMA officials must have been licking their lips when Anderson and Webb were side by side

-Kudos for Anderson for keeping it clean

-This curse talk is kinda overblown a bit…

-Which isn’t shocking considering it involves Jett

-I mean, he’s only 19 years old… that just isn’t enough time to have anything resembling a curse, it’s barely a bad streak

-Without McAdoo, no one knew who could finish third

-I admit, I do like the ‘whoop section time’ leaderboard

-Fair play to all the futures riders, because that Glendale track was no joke

Somehow, despite there being 83 races, there was also five hours of downtime between races

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Coney Island Dog

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