Troy Dog’s Shack: The Troy Dog Squad is Ready for Ironman with Harlan and Kelley

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The Troy Dog Squad is ready for its assault at Ironman! This weekend marks the first official race for Derek Kelley on our team. I’ve supplied him with the merch, the stickers, and everything that comes with it. Last weekend at  Budds Creek, Kelly did not yet have his T-Dog gear, but I first class shipped it over to him and it’s dialed.

Kelley has high hopes for Ironman and he said he rides the track well in his interview on Tuesday with the MotoXpod Show. We are searching for Kelley‘s first ever top 10 overall finish. He’s been so close, especially the past few rounds and he’s just been one or two spots off.

Last week he finished 11th overall at Budds Creek. With Ironman next and Pala on the horizon (two strong tracks for DK), I can see two top 10 overall finishes to cap off an incredible season for the AEO Powersports KTM rider. DK Dog (that’s Kelley’s official Dog Squad name) has been doing well, he’s consistent, and he said in his interview with Vital Jamie that he needs to stop finding the ground so much. I will help him with that! Look for DK Dog with the pineapple stickers on his helmet at Ironman.

Also looking for his best finish of the season at Ironman, is Hawaii’s own Grant Harlan. Har Dog has grinded this entire summer driving to mostly all of the races by himself out of his van. Mind you this guy is still only 21 years old and is running his own program, the Merge Racing/Troy Dog Vurb Kawasaki. Papa Har Dog flies out to most of the races to run pit board and help out on race days and Momma Har Dog has been to a few races as well to help and support.

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Our doggie likes Ironman too. Last year he finished 12th in the second moto. I know it was because he thought I was watching, but I actually had left for the day because I had no cell service and couldn’t even send a text out and that’s a no no with two babies at home. The vibes were good last year at Ironman and I can’t believe it was already a year ago now. I also met Papa Har Dog for the first time last year and we bro’d down for several hours talking about Hawaii, Alaska, amateur racing, and how the family decided to move to Texas, and just their whole life story really. I took Har Dog over to meet Chiz and it was just a good day hanging out. 

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I have one guy in each class representing the squad and I love Ironman.. No, I will not be at the event this year. I chose to sit this one out because Vurb doesn’t need me to go, it’s three hours away, and I have a lot of stuff on my plate to finalize for 2023. If you are in the pits go and say hi to Derek Kelley and Grant Harlan, give them high-fives, give Har Dog a hug, get an autograph, and tell them how much you love the squad. 

Let’s do this!

Main image: DNC Photos

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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