Troy Dog’s Shack: The Squad is Finishing off the Series Strong at Fox Raceway

Look, I know you’re probably blown out on Troy Dog Squad content right now [Slaw Note: We are], since we just had an update last week heading to Ironman. However, I Troy Dog, CEO of vurbmoto, support my ELITE athletes so much that I decided to revisit both of them again, right now. We got some new storylines to cover with AEO Powersports KTM rider Derek Kelley and Merge Racing/Troy Dog Vurb’s Grant Harlan, so let’s get into it.

Derek Kelley is currently living in California so as far as I’m concerned this is a home race for him. I will still be honest with you: I don’t know entirely too much about him yet, but if you’re living in California then Fox Raceway is our track. What better way to get your career-best finish? Kelley went 38-11 at Ironman and had he not had that mechanical in the first moto I think he would’ve gotten really close to his first top 10 overall. He was just about to make his charge to the front when he had the problem. That 11th in the second moto was great redemption for the guy who willingly wears my sticker on his helmet. 

Let’s take a look at DK Dog’s first round score from Fox Raceway where he went 14-19 for 16th overall. Kelley has been getting better as the season has gone on and he’s trending up in the 250 class. More often than not he’s the top privateer in the class. Now, in talking with more than one source, I hear that those AEO bikes are really good, but it’s not a factory bike and usually the stigma is that you can’t run with factory guys without a factory bike. Well DK Dog is proving that wrong. I am for certain that we will see Kelley get his first top 10 overall of his career and that is something that he has been trying so hard to do this entire summer. 

Originally Grant Harlan was not going to race Fox Raceway. Actually, up until he did so well at Ironman he told me he was not going to make the trip. After an amazing showing at his best race of the season with 16-14 moto scores for 15th overall in a loaded 450 class Harlan is in California. We are also getting some extra help this week! The help is coming from more media members in the sport. Runner-up to Mike Brown in the 40+ class at Loretta Lynn’s, Kris Keefer is a BIG reason why Har Dog is racing. Yes, that’s right Keefer Inc. is supplying a CRF450 for Fox Raceway.

#Home. Har Dog is back on red for now and possibly next year too. Vital MX is also helping Harlan out with a place to stay. Vital Jamie is helping with training and I’ve never been more confused. To add to this media collab, Harlan was on the PulpMX Show on Monday (thank you Matthes, I’ll stop bothering you about that…for now).

If you’re keeping score then that makes his effort officially a Merge Racing/Troy Dog Vurb/Keefer Inc./Vital MX-NOT Vital Jamie/Honda. I hope right at this moment that Har Dog is getting the full High Dez experience. I know that they did ride at Glen Helen on Thursday.

Other than that I don’t really know what to expect this weekend. I have full faith in my guys as always. The weather is going to be the most intense variable this week as it’s going to be 105° or hotter come race time. I know both of my riders are in shape and they know how to suffer. I know Har Dog can suffer more than anyone in the 450 class as he likes to remind me from time to time. Stay hydrated boys let’s finish this year off strong!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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