Chance Hymas Goes 1-1 at Ironman Scouting Moto Combine

The second Scouting Moto Combine this season happened at Ironman this afternoon and it featured a ton of heavy hitters.

Chance Hymas bounced back from a disappointing Loretta’s to capture the overall with 1-1 scores. Evan Ferry finished second with 2-3 motos and Dax Bennick took third with 4-2 motos.

Our own Jeff Simpson was on the ground and will have a full video coming soon. For now, this is his report:

After Moto 1

hymas bounced back, lil red looks like him old self, and Drew Adams’ first rip on a proper mod bike went very well id say.

Avery Long is for reals!

Ummmm…. I think thats about it.

After Moto 2

Hymas and Dax checked out in moto 2. Ferry got a bad jump and worked his way up, grenades started going off around midway taking down dudes left and right, Matti Jorgensen who was running 3rd for most of the race was one of them as he would DNF. 

tbh I don’t remember the rest of the results. 

Well, Jeff here are the rest of the results:

Written by Slaw Dog

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