Troy Dog’s Shack: Here Are the Best Names For Our Chiz Movie

It’s been a while since I have written about the best rider who ever lived, my best friend Kyle Chisholm. To celebrate his heroic Salt Lake City 2 and incredible SX season I figured it was time to unleash this column. 

A couple of months ago I reached out to the Troy Dog Squad on Twitter (@troydogvurb, follow me and have a good time dammit) for possible names for a Kyle Chisholm movie. This was after our King Chiz requested we should make a movie about our sponsorship of him. What I got in return was pretty solid. My crew came up with some pretty awesome ideas. 

I started it off with two bangers: The Chizinator, “I’ll be back…to Chiz again,” and Chiz Hard. Then I hit them up with Chizzing in the Rain before I let others join in on the fun. I went through and picked the best ones.

Chizzed and Confused – Den Dog @dbo360x (Denny Stephenson the legend himself) 

Oh, Chiz Where Art Thou? The Answer? In the main! – @CMXR_Moto

Chizmas Vacation, The Chizfather, The Longest Chiz – @3lapsdown 

Chiz Wars, The Empire Chiz’s Back, Return of the Chiz, The Last Chiz, The Rise of Chiz – @Darksidemx3

Chiz’n Ain’t Eazy – @tevintapia (Another legend in the squad)

Slumdog Chizonaire, Lord of the Chiz, 12 Angry Chizzes, Monty Python and the Holy Chiz – @VurbSlawDog…(These were the worst)

A League of His Own. Planes, Trains, and Main Events, The Secret Life of Chiz, There is something about Chiz – @Checkerz448

Chiz is Gonna Chiz – @MarcMX153

CHIZ…that’s it, that’s the title – @HUEDOGG_21

500 Days of Chiz – @KeelanWright762

Mouthful of Chisholm – @Bbetsill263

11 Million Mains – @KodyKlyde651

When in Doubt, Let the Chiz Out – @JakeBork15

…and now to announce my favorite title!

Troy Dog’s 11…”If you want a robbery to go smoothly and successfully, you’re gonna have to Chiz your way through it.” – @CMXR_Moto

That’s all I have for this week. This is very hard hitting journalism, so it took a lot out of me to piece it all together. Congrats CMXR, you win literally nothing. 

Shoutout to the #troydogsquad. We are growing by the day and it’s been a lot of fun. We are always looking for new members. All that you need to do is follow me on social media and you’re in. We also have merch coming soon.  

If you want to get in touch with Troy Dog you can email him at [email protected], whether it be a story idea, to talk about a previous column, or even if it is to say hi. Troy will answer all emails sent. Also be sure to follow @troydogvurb on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. I sure do like that @CMXR_Moto guy. He’s funny, AND possibly Kyle Chisholm’s biggest (OG’est fan!)

Written by Troy Dog

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