More Details Released on the Team Chiz Vurbmoto/Troy Dog Sponsorship

We are a little less than two weeks away from the launch of the Team Chiz/RF/ vurbmoto/troydogvurb/Yamaha sponsorship at Indianapolis 1 on January 30. 

Troy Dog is very excited, but also very busy! In between handling all Chiz’s duties I am juggling all the media crap for the event. I must do loads of Chiz’s laundry too… and you know how much he Chiz’s. I just have Chiz all over my house. 

The good news is that I will be in the pits passing out limited edition Troy Dog stickers. Also, if I do not have stickers at the event, then simply blame Slaw Dog for being terrible at life. It’s all his fault. 

What’s that? No Fan Fest in Indy? Dogummit. Come find me in the stadium and I will give you some swag. We will make a game about it. Just follow me on Twitter/Instagram (@troydogvurb) and I will drop some at random places throughout the night. 

Ginger Dog, my awesome wife, is going to be in attendance to witness the greatness that is her husband and Chiz as teammates. So, if shit goes sideways and Chiz does not Chiz at the event you can blame her. It is her first night out of the house in about a year as she has been busy birthing puppies.

I plan on releasing a podcast early next week with the great number 11. It will be the first and probably only pod I will ever do. Be on the lookout for that. I am working with Chili Dog on getting merchandise created for some exclusive giveaways on social media. We are going to have merch before Slaw does!

Also, I want to point out the million hoops I had to jump through to be able to attend this event. The riders only have so many spots for people to come, so Troy and Ginger Dog are in exclusive company. To attend the event, Feld needed a DNA sample, COVID-19 test, urine, and we had to have our retinas scanned. It has been a long week. I did it all for science and my boy Chiz.

Also… also, IF WE get a top ten then Chili Dog has agreed to get my logo tattooed on his body. Being nice, I’m going to let him choose where he wants to put the masterpiece. This was an unexpected bit of news and I’m happy to see his loyalty to the Troy Dog brand.

This is the logo we’re putting on Chiz’s bike and maybe Chili’s back!

IF you would like a LE Troy Dog shirt or sweatshirt send an email to [email protected] with your information and size and we will get them dialed in for you. You can rock it at a ride day or just chilling watching My 90 Day Fiancé. Your chick will love it when you wear it. She will say, “Wow, you look different today and I can’t tell what it is, but I love it.” So, yeah…. Pre-order one and I will give you an exclusive price.

I will be back with my usual column later in the week and then another update early next week. If you do not already follow @vurbmoto, @chisholm11, and @troydogvurb to witness greatness happen.

Troy Dog out.

Main image: Octopi Media / Instagram: Octopi Media 

Written by Troy Dog

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