Vurb, Troy Dog Enterprises Are Sponsoring Kyle Chisholm For Indy 1

The Vurb Company and Troy Dog Enterprises are proud to announce the signing of veteran superstar Kyle Chisholm for the Indianapolis 1 Supercross. Kyle will compete in the 450SX class aboard his Team Chiz RF Yamaha YZ450.

A fan favorite and main event staple, Chisholm has single handedly created a new Merriam-Webster dictionary term of “Chiz.” The definition of Chiz is “a man who makes every main event he ever tries for and is consistently putting in top finishes in a stacked field.”

Troy Dog Enterprises is aligning its official launch with the race on January 30 and possibly beyond. Troy Dog has 11 years of media experience and absolutely zero minutes experience as a team manager, which Chisholm has instructed that Troy Dog will be that race day. Troy Dog Enterprises is a VERY top shelf media contributing company that writes exclusive content for The Vurb Company, hence the partnership.

“I’ll basically be handling Chiz’s entire career for the night,” Troy Dog went on to say as he sat on his team manager throne of fake fuzzy fur blankets and soiled baby diapers. “I can’t wait for the #11 and me to take each other’s careers to the next level. We are coming together to do great things when we need one another the most…”

*Note: the rest was inaudible because his newborn son was screaming too loud.

Troy Dog will be on hand at the event with Chisholm passing out stickers and keeping Kyle in peak racing condition for what will be the most important race in supercross history and most importantly Chisholm’s life. Massive amounts of money have gone into this deal.

“I couldn’t be happier to sign this sponsorship deal with The Vurb Company. It’s an organization filled with class, dignity, integrity and having Troy Dog around me on race day will give me the motivation I need to compete at my highest level,” Chisholm said.

Chisholm did add that he is thankful that Slaw Dog will NOT be anywhere near him for the duration of the sponsorship. When asked why he does not want Slaw around, Chiz replied, “Slaw scares me. He is a weird dude. Also, Slaw belongs nowhere near a hotdog. Troy Dog is my best friend, so I know he has my best interests on race weekend.”

Chiz and Troy Dog are already anticipating Indianapolis 1 to be such a huge success that they are already in talks about continuing their sponsorship at Indianapolis 2022 to coincide when they release the book they are going to be working on called The Art of Chizzing: The Kyle Chisholm biography.

Be on the lookout for Vurb merchandise giveaways on Kyle Chisholm and Troy Dog’s social media platforms by following their accounts @kylechisholm11 and @troydogvurb.

Written by Boogie Dawg

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