11 Fun Facts About the Chiz

It’s here! It’s officially Chiz week here on Vurb! That means I, Troy Dog, will be creating all the content I can to make this the chizziest week in Vurb history… maybe with help from Slaw. To kick things off, I thought that we would start with a list of awesome and true facts that make Chisholm a legend.

At 33 years old, Chiz is always a fan favorite, and he is only getting better like the finest of wines. The following statements are shocking, mostly true, and incredible. Hop on the Chisholm Choo Choo because we are full steam ahead to Indianapolis 1! #chizalloverindy

11.) The week that Jett Lawrence was born, Kyle won the 125 B Modified title at Loretta Lynn’s in 2003.

10.) Chiz was the person who microwaved the Jett’s Hot Pocket the other night.

9.) Kyle once dressed up as a cop and helped his wife win a car on Let’s Make a Deal. Word has it that Wayne Brady still talks about the appearance as one of his favorite moments of his TV career.

8.) Chiz spent many weeks teaching the Stewart brothers how to whip as good as him. Oh, you’re welcome.

7.) Chisholm has raced against riders from the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and now the 2020s.

6.) He is literally friends with everyone in the pits and all the riders fight over who gets to practice with him.

5.) He can give a three-hour interview without taking one breath.

4.) Chiz does all the voiceover work for Justin Bogle’s entire life.

3.) How much Chiz could Chiz Chiz if Chiz could Chiz Chiz….spoiler alert…all the Chiz.

2.) Was best bros with Broc Tickle before tossing him to the curb three weeks ago for Troy Dog.

1.) Kyle comes into every race weekend to Chiz and chew bubble gum…and he’s all out of bubble gum.

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