Three Things We Learned At the Anaheim 2 Press Conference

The Anaheim 2 press conference has come and gone on an action packed night of Triple Crown racing. SOME of us here at Vurbmoto are very thorough and ask the athletes important questions to get the scoop. While others, like Slaw, don’t do anything at all. We had our Canadian correspondent Brad G’Hardt write up a small report on things that stuck out to him post race. Enjoy.

Eli Tomac Is All Business

Now just ten points back from the points lead, Eli Tomac was as stone-faced and business like as ever in the A2 Press Conference. Only cracking a smile when yours truly asked Cooper Webb if he had considered wearing the Hi-Vis Alpinestar Tech 10s to go with his highlighter yellow Thor gear. For the record, Webb remarked that he would have been visible from space, so he decided against going full neon. Tomac did admit that he’s made a considerable amount of bike changes and has even reverted to some components that took him to championship level last season. Eli also conceded that jumping back into racing after nearly nine months off was more challenging than he anticipated. With that said, a month full of mud races and chaos might turn out to be just what the doctor ordered for Tomac. He now has a win of some kind under his belt, and wind in his sails, as the series heads east.

The Chef Doesn’t Miss A Busy Kitchen

Amidst a question about Detroit 250 predictions, Levi Kitchen was asked about the overall vibe on race day with Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, in contrast to last season with Star Racing Yamaha. Where his former teammate, Haiden Deegan, comes in with a film crew as well as some rambunctious fan fair. Kitchen was lighthearted in his response, laughing it off that he doesn’t miss “that stuff at all”, remarking that fanatical supports often didn’t know the difference between Nate Thrasher, Jordon Smith, or himself. I’m sure that doesn’t really bother a guy like Levi, but he clearly seems to value the atmosphere at Pro Circuit where things are perhaps quieter and more serious. As the 250 class heads into a short break, The Chef is tied for the series points lead with Jordon Smith, who has lead since round 2.

The Cowboy Reflects On The Trail He’s Traveled

While the internet spent the last week debating the altercation between Jason Anderson and Jett Lawrence, Aaron Plessinger took time to look back on his journey to date and connect with those who have been in his corner from the start. AP admitted that he still has about three hundred unread texts, It’s clear that AP’s win led to an outpouring of support for the young man who has had a positive impact throughout his career. Due to inclement weather, KTM riders were restricted to just one day of riding this past week, which allowed Plessinger the family time needed to soak in the big win and refocus on the championship he’s now leading. With each week that AP holds the points lead, his confidence grows, along with the belief that he very much belongs in the title conversation. All that’s left to do is pick which Kid Rock song he will come out to in opening ceremonies in Detroit.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by BigMxRadio

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