Results, Podium Quotes and More, From Anaheim 2

The Anaheim 2 Triple Crown delivered. The Monster Energy Supercross Championship has now seen four winners in four rounds for each class!

Levi Kitchen has been trending towards a win this season and got the job done in Anaheim. That’s his first win on a Monster Energy Pro Circuit bike. He also seems to have these Triple Crowns down, as he won this exact race last season.

The 450 class has shaped up to be one of the most unpredictable seasons ever. Only ten points separate the top six in points! Cooper Webb took home the 22nd win of his 450SX career on a very action packed night full of crashes.

Scroll below for podium quotes, results and more from round 3 of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

450SX Podium Quotes

Cooper Webb
“If you do really well the first two [races], the third one sometimes is easy,” said Webb of the Triple Crown format. “I had a lot of wiggle room [in Race 3] and could just, honestly, have a solo ride in fifth place. But it is a little bit weird, for sure, to not go over the checkered flag first. But I think that’s kind of the unique thing about the Triple Crown, is we’ve seen a lot of this happen. You can have big point swings, and you can have one bad race and then have two good ones [and] you end up on the podium and something like that. So it’s never over for sure in these kind of situations.”

Eli Tomac
“I was pretty frustrated after those first two [races],” said Tomac. “I was like, ‘Okay, here I’m just – what am I now, fifth – seventh place guy right now?’ I don’t know. I just had to go do something, I had to get off the gate there, so it was good. It was good. Had a good flow. I was able to get the whoop combo down, and I felt like that was important for me, and yeah, felt good.”

Aaron Plessinger
“This race was really important for me, just to stay consistent and not let things get to my head,” said Plessinger. “I feel like I did a good job of that – I got great starts all night, I tightened up a little in Race 1, before in Race 2 I rode really good, and then Race 3 I was right there behind Chase [Sexton]. Tonight was tough, a lot of the success had to do with being consistent, and I think I did a good job of that.”

250SX Podium Quotes

Levi Kitchen
“We’re all really close right now,” said Kitchen. “Obviously I want to be the dominant guy, but yeah, it’s closer now. You can’t start in like fifth and sixth with these guys and have them up front. You’d have to have a pretty amazing – I don’t even know what you’d have to do to be able to get up to them. I think it’s tighter than in years’ past. Especially the top five of us, we’re all pretty experienced by now, so it’s definitely tight racing.”

RJ Hampshire
“It was a solid night at A2, and I was fast all day,” recalled Hampshire. “We topped all three practices, and the first two Races were awesome – I had so much fun battling with Levi [Kitchen], we put on a good show, which was sick. Third Race, not a great start, and then just a bit of a mishap. Still made up a lot of points, cut the deficit in half, so I’m stoked on that.”

Nate Thrasher
“I felt like it was a big step in the right direction for me, and we’re still learning, still working, still trying to get a little bit better, but last week [in testing] I think we found a little bit and it showed this weekend,” said Thrasher. “It was a very hardpack track out there today and on the bike, I was racing a couple weekends ago I was struggling pretty bad with the hardpack. So yeah, it was definitely a little bit better spot for me.”

250SX Futures Results

1. Cole Davie

2. Gavin Towers

3. Parker Ross

4. Preston Boespflug

5. Blake Gardner

6. Drew Adams

7. Landen Gordon

8. Tyler Mollet

9. Kelana Humphrey

10. Dylan Rempel

11. Preston Masciangelo

12. Hayden Robinson

13. Landin Pepperd

14. Kaden Lewis

15. Jesse Wessell

16. Mark Fineis

17. Kile Epperson

18. Noah Smerdon

19. Noah Viney

20. Ethan Day

21. Reven Gordon

22. Alvin Hillan

450SX Results

1. Cooper Webb

2. Eli Tomac

3. Aaron Plessinger

4. Jason Anderson

5. Chase Sexton

6. Jett Lawrence

7. Ken Roczen

8. Justin Cooper

9. Dylan Ferrandis

10. Malcolm Stewart

11. Hunter Lawrence

12. Jorge Prado

13. Justin Barcia

14. Christian Craig

15. Justin Hill

16. Vince Friese

17. Kyle Chisholm

18. Shane McElrath

19. Freddie Noren

20. Benny Bloss

21. Derek Drake

22. Luke Kalaitzian

250SX Results

1. Levi Kitchen

2. RJ Hampshire

3. Nate Thrasher

4. Jo Shimoda

5. Jordon Smith

6. Anthony Bourdon

7. Julien Beaumer

8. Ryder DiFrancesco

9. Garrett Marchbanks

10. Phil Nicoletti

11. Carson Mumford

12. Mitchell Oldenburg

13. Robbie Wageman

14. Hunter Yoder

15. Cole Thompson

16. Max Miller

17. Matti Jorgensen

18. Josh Varize

19. Talon Hawkins

20. Vincent Varola

21. Max Sanford

22. Billy Laninovich


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