5 Things, Anaheim 2: Will We See More Fireworks for 18/21?, Marchbanks, Tomac, and More

Welcome to a new format of “5 Things”! Instead of going over five storylines that you already know from the race we will now be using this piece to hype the race up! This is giving me vibes back a decade ago when I would write “Burning Questions”, do you remember that? Anyway, here are “Five Things” that we need to pay extra attention to at the Anaheim 2 Triple Crown.

I’m not really sure why this news ended up being so big. I mean trust me, I understand why it did because of who was involved and the drama posted after. However, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be this big of an issue. Riders have problems all of the time. Tension and emotions are running high out on the track and things happen at a quick pace. Does Anaheim 2 bring a part two to the drama, do we have to wait a couple weeks, or can these two shake hands and move on?

The other part of the drama last weekend was the lapping situation between Sexton and Webb. Webb felt that Sexton held him up more and let his teammate Plessinger by easily. Sexton said that it wasn’t intentional and apologized on social media, but is this issue done and dusted? Does Webb owe Sexton one? Will we have more added to this story this weekend?

With thirteen Triple Crown wins, Tomac has been the King of Triple Crowns since inception. Will he bounce back from his 9th last weekend and get back on the podium? He currently sits 7th in points, but only 12 points out of first!

The Cowboy
To start the year with 4-5-1 scores and hold the red plate is plenty for AP to “Weeeeeew” about. This is the first time that he’s held the red plate in the 450 class. Is this simply Plessinger’s year? How long can he hold onto the plate?

The Man Child has started the season with 7-3-2 scores and has looked very comfortable and smooth. How long will it be before he can get a win? Will this Triple Crown play into his favor with the way he is riding? It’s still early, but Marchbanks is third in points and only ten away from the red plate.

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