Clueless: Anaheim 2

It’s Monday and Clueless is back! Enjoy, but please don’t take it seriously. Or do and make sure to email Jason Weigandt if you have problems. Email him even if you don’t have problems…thanks.

– When the crowd comes to life, you know you’ve missed something

– Did Feld pay Jett to line up next to Ando? Because they milked that puppy dry

– Cutting to a pre-recorded interview during a LIVE race, is NEVER acceptable

– Must *blank* situations are back

– So the AMA did actually penalize Anderson for missing the entire whoops section… amazing

– Throwing goggles at someone is much less effective than grabbing a helmet. Make notes Marchbanks

– I’m still not overly keen on the way the Triple Crowns work

– Eli Kitchen cruising around in second place is the reason why

– Weege should know to never trust live timing

– Does anyone want to win the 250W class?

– Does anyone want to win any overall twice?

– Even Webb won, without winning

– I feel bad for AC

– Did Prado get that holeshot, he so desperately wanted? It looked close to me

– At some point Anthony Bourdon is going to get actual respect, rather than the backhanded respect he’s been getting

– Who saw AP extending his points lead after this round?

– And who knows what accent he’ll use next

– Webb just doing Webb things

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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