Three Things That Stood Out to Us in the Detroit Press Conference: Bike Changes, Bennick, and Jett

The Detroit press conference has come and gone. SOME of us here at Vurbmoto are very thorough and ask the athletes important questions to get the scoop. While others, like Slaw, don’t do anything at all. We had our Canadian correspondent Brad G’Hardt write up a small report on things that stuck out to him post race. Enjoy.


In life and supercross, changes are inevitable. Jett Lawrence, Chase Sexton, Daxton Bennick and Austin Forkner spoke about significant changes. I personally had a bit of a chuckle when Forkner admitted that he’s not completely aware of what changes had been made to his Kawasaki from previous seasons. He mentioned that the complete package of the bike is improved, which is quite the statement as Austin had ridden eight different model years in race trim. When it comes to the 450 class, Jett Lawrence told me that his initial setup was too soft and HRC has worked on finding the razor’s edge of “hold up” in the steep transitions. He’s still comfortable enough to navigate the turns. That ideal setup can be illusive on any bike, but Factory Honda certainly has the resources to make it happen.

Rookie on The Box

The list of supercross rookies who land on the podium at their pro debut is awfully short. Daxton Bennick was quick to praise his team for helping him take the final spot on the podium with a third-place ride.

“My team came up big today,” Bennick said. “The track is more peaked out than the layout we have at The Goat Farm, and we made some serious suspension changes throughout the day to help me feel comfortable. Those guys knew what to do so that was a huge help.”

Bennick also mentioned that there wasn’t any champaign bottles to practice with, which was evident when he required assistance from supercross veterans Max Anstie and Forkner.

Jettson Addresses the Hate

“It’s just noise,” said the 20-year-old who also stated that having a crowd turn on you is a situation nearly all superstars have dealt with at some point in their career. Lawrence is right. Many who were in crowd to boo James Stewart in 2005 at RedBud were likely on their feet cheering as Stewart dominated the Toronto Supercross in 2014. Fans are fickle and Lawrence said he’s focused on the task at hand which is putting himself in the best position he can every weekend.

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