Most Likely: Denny Stephenson, Slaw, and T-Dog Give Title Predictions

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Welcome to a new feature called: Most Likely. It’s such a banger that our friends at Michelin have already jumped on board! So, go buy some new tires for your entire lineup!

Each week, Slaw, Troy, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

This is a random off-weekend, so we gave some early season championship predictions.

Which 450SX title contender is most likely to come back from this break riding on a different level?

Slaw: Sex Ton

Troy: Ken Roczen

DBO: Eli Tomac

Which rider is most likely to win the 450SX Championship?

Slaw: Jett

Troy: Jettson

DBO: Cooper Webb

Which rider is most likely to win the 250SX West Championship?

Slaw: Hampshire

Troy: Richard James Hampshire

DBO: Rick James

Which rider is most likely to win the 250SX East Championship?

Slaw: Deegs

Troy: Forkner

DBO: Austin Forkner

Is AP most likely or most likely NOT going to make T-Dog his cowboy hat holder at the Indy SX?

Slaw: NOT

Troy: It’s going to happen.

DBO: Troy better buy some cowboy boots first.

Which rider is an early favorite for privateer of the year?

Slaw: Bourdon

Troy: Hunter Yoder

DBO: Is Bar X a privateer team?

Which rider is most likely going to use the break to turn their season around?

Slaw: Starling

Troy: Slaw took my pick first, so I’ll go Christian Craig.

DBO: Cam “The Balls” McAdoo

Which media member is most likely to win AMA Media Member of the Year for 2024?

Slaw: ME

Troy: I was snubbed this year.

DBO: No such thing.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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