Roundtable: Plessinger, Fashion Trends, and a Sign of Things to Come in the East?

Welcome to the Vurbmoto Roundtable! It’s a feature we had in the early days and now it’s such a legend that it makes a return. Our panel of experts, Bird and T-Dog, give their best opinion on hot topics in the sport. We also let Slaw give his opinion, but no one cares what he has to say. Let’s get to it!

Plessinger keeps coming up with new things to help market himself. Of course the mullet, cowboy hat, and mustache are essentials. Now he’s doing this weird tongue thing…what will he come up with next?

Bird Dog (Boss) – I was leaning towards riding with his balls hanging out, but it appears someone already stole that brilliant idea. Plessinger is marching to the beat of his own drum and that’s something that seems to be working in his favor. He’s a crowd favorite, won his first overall 450 main event, and held the red plate for not one, but two straight weeks. Can he win a title? I think that’s slightly out of his reach, but he provides great value to all his brand sponsors and, if he can raise his ceiling just an inch more, may even snag another overall. 

In terms of what he’ll come up with next? I’d like to see him tie a lasso to his bike and rope someone in front of him for the win, then tie him off like a calf on the podium. 

Troy Dog (Editor) – The weird tongue this is kind of interesting and I hadn’t noticed until Detroit this past weekend. He’s doing it consistently as of lately and I’m not mad at it. What we need to work on is having a consistent accent. Growing up in the subpar state of Ohio, we don’t usually talk with any accent. I think we say our O’s and A’s weird, but for the most part we’re all set. What’s next? Maybe Alpinestars can make him a set of cowboy boots?

Slaw Dog (Hot Dog) – If I don’t see one of these on AP’s shop, then he’s doing it wrong. Every fan of moto would be rocking these. Just imagine the scenes at Daytona. 

We’ve seen some fashion trends this year when it comes to gear, from a onesie to full frontal, we’ve literally seen it all. What will be the next phase?

Bird Dog (Bossman) – I buy most of my tee shirts from Target (Large/tall. If you haven’t experienced these $6 wonders of the earth you either a) haven’t lived b) don’t have kids or c) aren’t tall enough to have your belly show every time you raise your arms). That being said, I’m probably not the best person to give advice here. Imagine, however, if Dungey were still sponsored by Target and came out rocking a full Target line of cheap ass clothing? He’d get ripped by youth culture, but dads around the world would lace up their New Balance whites and band around him. 

The gear keeps getting tighter. I think I saw a video where Craig’s wife could barely fit into his Fox onesie. So who knows, maybe the baggy look will come back?  

Troy Dog (Editor Man) – I knew that my BFF Bird Dog was on the cutting edge of fashion, but I wasn’t sure where he shopped. He’s an experienced father, although I’m not a new father by any means, I’m still learning secrets. Now that I know where to find some bangers, I’ll be right back!

Man, Target truly has everything. I really thought that we’d see more speed suits already this season. I’m all in on those. My build will fit those perfectly and it’s one piece, so that means full comfort. I don’t have to worry about my pants falling down. Also, I wanted to leave Cam alone about what happened on Saturday night. Commenting on that situation doesn’t seem like something that T-Dog would do, right? It’s nut really my thing. To answer my question, I think kidney belts are going to make a return here soon.

Slaw Dog (Hot Dog Kid) – Bubble wrap. Imagine all the suburban mom’s that would now allow their kids to ride. The industry would have an entire new base to sell to and Vurb would get more people to the Shred Tours. Win, win. 

Half of the field was taken out in the first turn of the 250SX Main Event in Detroit. Was the race a tale of what is to come for the series or will it have a different outcome at Arlington in two weeks?

Bird Dog (TDog’s BFF) – Total flop! Not only did half the field get taken out, it was most of the top contenders. While I was bummed and almost called for a red flag, I was secretly pumped that Austin Forkner wasn’t wrapped up in the melee. 

So, to properly answer the question, this was not a tale of things to come and we will definitely see a different outcome. If there is a silver lining, Detroit definitely spiced up the title chase and should make things interesting moving forward. If Forkner can keep it on two, I think this thing comes down to him and Deegan. I don’t have a dog in the race, but I think the moto world would love to see Forkner take the title after everything he’s been through. 

Troy Dog (Squad CEO) – A lot of potential title contenders were caught up in the first turn, but if Austin Forkner rides like that every round, he’s going to be tough to beat. Haiden Deegan has a big hole to dig himself out of, but he also can go on a win streak starting next week in Arlington. The title is just going to come down to consistency and who can stay off of the ground. I think we are going to see a lot of different results this season because the east is filled with riders who have raw speed, but they tend to make a lot of mistakes. It’ll be a different outcome in Arlington, but the podium players may stay the same.

Slaw Dog (Hates Privateers) – Nah. Will Forkner still be fast as balls? Yes. Will Anstie still be a title contender? Yes. But with Deegs, McAdoo, Hammaker and more down, it’s hard to really gauge the opener. Also, Dax is for reals. Don’t sleep on him. No, he won’t win the title, but he’ll have more podiums down the line. 

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Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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