Rookie Report, Detroit: The 250SX East Region is Locked in With New Talent

Rookie report, it’s back! I thought I was bringing this new great idea to the table. Then Troy said that Vurb did this 14 years ago, but to hell with that I’m taking over now.

Each week I’m going to report on the rookies in the 250 class and give you a little insight on how the new guys are doing. So let’s kick it off with Detroit!

Daxton Bennick – Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha 

Qualified – 7th

Heat – 2nd

Main – 3rd

I would say without a doubt Dax was the top rookie coming into 2024 and he showed why in Detroit. He qualified a little higher than what I expected with such a strong field around him. But, once I saw his race speed in his heat, I knew he could run up front. Getting up front quickly, Dax worked his way into third and stayed there for the whole main. Dax sounded confident on the podium, saying he knew he had the speed to be up there and proves it weekly at the test track. Could Dax be the rookie to throw a wrench in the title hunt? With the big main event crash, it puts him in a good spot ahead of some strong contenders.

Nick Romano – Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha

Qualified – 17th

Heat – 6th

Main – 14th

Romano hasn’t raced in 540 days, but Saturday he put that streak to an end. The New Yorker finally lined up for his supercross debut and he rode better than I expected. Nick qualified about where I thought he would, but showed some good speed in the heat. Unfortunately, Romano was caught up in the first turn chaos in the main, but fought back to finish 14th. He exceeded my expectations for sure. I know he has the speed, but being off the gate that long and being off the bike more than on it, I thought it might take him a few races to get in the swing of things. Minus the main event crash, it was a hell of a weekend.

Trevor Colip – Ti Lube Honda

Qualified – 16th

Heat – 8th

Main – 11th

I think this weekend couldn’t have gone any better for Colip. I would say Colip would’ve been happy to make the night show in his first career SX, but to run in the top 10 and finish 11th? I’m not sure it gets any better than that. I think he showed a lot of people he has the speed to run up front and will be a potential top 10 rider every week.

Evan Ferry – Triumph Factory Racing

Qualified – 25th

Heat – 18th

LCQ – 1st

Main – DNF (22nd)

I honestly had no clue how Ferry would line up. Since his injury at Loretta’s, he had been pretty silent on social media. Then I heard the rumors that he had been riding for Triumph, which were obviously true. So, I figured coming into this that all his time had been put into preparing for SX on that bike. Well, I think he had a good day and a great debut for a brand new manufacturer. I think he had a little get off in his heat, but he pulled the holeshot in the LCQ and ran away with it. He looked pretty confident out front. Unfortunately, he got the short end of the stick on some first turn carnage in the main and that ended his night. Hopefully all is well with Evan! (Editor’s note: since deadline, Ferry posted an update on his Instagram!)

Guillem Farres – Rockstar Husky

Qualified – 9th

Heat – 7th

Main – 8th

The 20 year old Spaniard stepped into his first ever supercross stadium just four weeks ago at Anaheim 1…and now he’s making his debut in the US. This man’s nerves had to be at an all time high. Well, if he was nervous he didn’t let it show. Farres put together a solid day from start to finish, keeping it in the top 10 all day, and finishing 8th overall. The Rockstar Husqvarna team is probably stoked and ready to head to Texas.

Preston Boespflug – Toyota of Redlands/Bar X Suzuki

Qualified – 23rd

Heat – 10th

LCQ – 2nd

Main – 13th

Going from the KTM to a Suzuki this offseason wasn’t a move I expected to see Boespflug make. Last week at Anaheim 2, he raced the Futures and took home 4th place and I thought man, it’s badass to see someone fast on a Suzuki coming up. Today he made his pro debut and kept that RMZ towards the front where it belongs. I think Preston’s best ride of the day was his LCQ race. He showed some good speed and seemed super confident. I think with a few more gate drops under his belt, he’ll move into the top 10.

Bryce Shelly – Dirt Bike Depot Racing

Qualified – 34th

Heat – 18th


Jett Reynolds – Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX

Sustained a shoulder injury in first practice. Should be back for Arlington.

Tyler Stepek

Qualified – 37th

Heat – 19th


Mitchell Zaremba

Qualified – 30th

Heat – 11

LCQ – 9th

Keegan Rowley – Gizmo Mods/Rock River Yamaha

Qualified – 41st

Gage Stine

Qualified – 46th

Jacob Glenn

Qualified – 45th

Jett Reynolds Expected to Race Round 2 of East Region in Arlington

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