This Video Will Get You Super Pumped For Loretta’s

Nostalgia. It’s a word that gets thrown around like a basketball during March Madness in these parts. Not only is it a big word, ringing in at three whole syllables, but its meaning just really seems to hit home. The only thing we love more than our sport, is the history of our sport. Granted, that history for us really only starts about two decades ago, but that’s still more than enough time for so many memories to resonate when we see photos, hear someone’s name, or watch a video clip that we happen to catch.

This is one of those clips. So many elements just bring it home for us. First and foremost, Ryan Walters, one of the MAIN vurbmoto OGs, put it together. For those of you who don’t know, after Ryan’s long stint at vurbmoto, he’s found a home with the Monster Army and Dirt Shark creating some of the most epic content you see in our sport. While he does plenty of other production work, these are the pieces that help us keep tabs on him the most.  

Secondly, you’ll notice many of the archive clips came from me, your boy Chilidog. Any of those J-Law, Barcia or Dungey clips look familiar? Damn straight they do… The Prospects, MX Sports Center, and a handful of other videos have featured some of this badassness throughout the years. RW hit me up a few months ago and asked me to start digging through the archives, and luckily for him I was already doing just that for our vurbmoto launch video.

If you haven’t watched this yet, you’re an asshole

A few weeks later, I’d helped Ryan amass a couple hours of clips ranging from 2003 to 2011. And I’m not exaggerating… We had so much fun passing clips back and forth and talking about the good ole days. I always say it’s like Christmas Day seeing someone else edit my footage, and watching this clip brought me right back to 2010 after Walt pulled an all-nighter putting together the very first Vurb Platinum. Not only did it bring back the feelings of old vurb, but damn it’s rad to see all the clips put together with a vision as good as his.

I highly doubt you read this far, and if you have, thanks. But go watch the video if you haven’t already. We’ll be catching up with Ryan Walters at The Ranch, and we’ll be sure grab some photos of him rocking the signature RWF Fist Gloves and wearing heavy ass denim jeans in the 200 degree Loretta’s heat. And with those, we will do an update article with Ryan and talk about everything he is up to these days.

Main image: Billy Browder (Pink Hat Guy)

Written by Chilidog

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