T-Dog’s Takes: Justin Bogle’s Four Tips on How to Dress Drippy

Notice that this column now has a sponsor? That’s right! Troy Dog joined the Blu Cru and you should too! I have one in my garage right now and I can’t wait to go shred it this summer! Thank you to Yamaha for believing in my ELITE columns on this dirtbike website enough to sponsor me. What a dream come true! 

For the first time in my life I’m into the world of fashion and what the kids call “drip”. I don’t really know how we got to this point, but I have a clothing line that isn’t available to the public yet. We’re still working on it. We want to make sure it’s perfect. So, for now only the riders that I sponsor and put into the SQUAD are rocking it. It’s exclusive.

This Monday Chili Dog and I will be flying out to Las Vegas to be in studio co-hosts on the PulpMx show. I’ve been holed up raising children at my house since 2019 and haven’t been anywhere (besides dirt bike tracks close to home). I need to look the part and have some vacation fits. I hit up my boy J-Dog, fashion expert Justin Bogle to get some ideas on how this ol’ dad can look fresh rolling up to Casa Matthes. 

Confidence is Key

The first rule of style that Bogle told me was that, “It’s all about the confidence in which you rock a fit.” So whatever you are most comfortable in wearing, well you gotta really feel yourself. You have to walk around like you’ve got paparazzi in the bushes waiting to get your photo. That’s how Bogle does his SX walk-in photos. The paparazzi just waits for him now. Even the Supercross Live account does a weekly post on riders showing up to the track now! You get style points for not wearing team attire. As Bogle said, ”Confidence is from within brother.”

Stop Caring

This tip kind of goes with the confidence deal, however the point is, you can’t care what people think. You have to own what you’re wearing and let the haters hate. They hate us because they ain’t us. If I want to roll up to Steve’s in a robe, gold slippers, a pineapple shirt, and cargo shorts, then you better believe it’s on. I don’t care what you think either. 

Strong Shoe Game 

Bogle told me that, “You gotta have the right shoes,” when it comes time to put together the outfit. No matter what, if your shoe game is weak, then you may as well not even be seen in your outfit. That’s an automatic L, just like when Slaw Dog wakes up in the morning. If I want to dress to impress Matthes then I’m going to need some sandals. It’s been a known go to for him even when he was a mechanic I’ve heard. It’s basically summer in Las Vegas, so that sounds strong enough for me. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve 

I always wondered how Bogle finds and chooses the items that he wears. Obviously, he said the internet is where he finds the most. I thought maybe he might have a hidden spot where someone helps him find some gems, but I was wrong. He said that finding things that no one else has really seen is key to an epic fit and offered this insight. “That’s human nature to always want to know about something other people don’t, so of course part of it is about staying ahead of the curve.” 

I’m going to show up vacation ready in Vegas on Monday. Fresh off of the flight the paparazzi better be waiting for me. It’s walk-in photo time. 

Written by Troy Dog

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