Morning Espresso: Karnow vs Bogle; Jason Anderson on Leaving Aldon Baker’s and JT Dominates a Push Up Contest

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Karnow vs Bogle

Is 2022 the year of the Middle Finger in Supercross? Chance Blackburn fired off the double middle finger in a LCQ dust up and Logan Karnow fired off one at Justin Bogle after the two exchanged words earlier in the day. I don’t think I can ever remember a year in which the action on and off the track was this spicy and I’M SO FING HERE FOR IT!

Jason Anderson On Leaving Aldon Baker’s

It’s been a long time since Jason Anderson left Aldon Baker’s Baker’s Factory and honestly, I don’t know if we ever heard Jason talk about it. Mr Fried doesn’t do much media, but he did sit down with the Gypsy Tales podcast and talked about his decision and more.

A Push Up Contest Broke Out at the PulpMX Live Show

PulpMX and Racer X hosted one of their live shows prior to Seattle and a damn push up contest broke out between Fly Racing’s Jason Thomas and some guy named Moser. We’ve never heard of him. Well, JT destroyed Moser! JT said he did about 95 or 96 push ups in three minutes. I probably would have done 300, but that’s just me.

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