Slawservation: Jeremy Martin Is a Cyborg

I’m no doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn recently. I’ll see myself out. 

If you’re still reading, I’m almost certain Jeremy Martin is some kind of cyborg. Or maybe a robot? Are those the same things?

As you know, Martin missed pretty much all of Monster Energy Supercross with a shoulder injury after getting landed on at the opener. He was also dealing with a bum wrist. Still, the two-time 250 Pro Motocross Champion returned for the opening round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross and went 1-2-1 at the opening three motos. 

Then he crashed in the second moto at Thunder Valley and reportedly broke a few fingers and missed round 3 at High Point. 

Most would have packed it in, gotten a few surgeries and called it a season. 

Bah Gawd That’s Martins’s Music.

Nope. Instead Martin returned for RedBud and went 5-3 for fifth overall. My goodness. That would be a more than fine result if he was 100 percent, which he certainly isn’t.

Martin wasn’t finished though. Nope. He went and just torched the Earth on IG after the race…

Main image: Yamaha

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  1. You should make a column about “Where are all the doubters now for Jalek Swoll?” since he finshed 10th in Red bud. He was totally blown up and running his mouth in high point in all interviews. Seems like they both want to be the underdogs.

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