Jeremy Martin Likely to Return to 250 Class in 2022

Jeremy Martin is battered and bruised and probably a full on cyborg at this point, but that didn’t stop the Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha rider from riding to an impressive 1-1 finish at his home race, the Spring Creek National, on Saturday. 

Martin is the sixth different winner though six rounds in the 250 Class, which is unprecedented and we’re pretty sure the first time it’s ever happened in the history of the class. If we’re wrong, please contact Troy Dog. Thanks!

Anyway, in the post-race press conference Martin was asked about his future in the 250 Class. Martin, who has long wanted to move to the 450 Class, said he’ll likely return to the 250 in 2022 after missing all of Monster Energy Supercross (except for the first turn at the 250SX West Region opener) and has continued to deal with injuries in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, which caused him to miss High Point. 

Q: I’m not sure what your plans are for 2022, but rides like this show what you’re capable of, so for you, where would you ideally be next year? Would it be at the same team? Would it be on the 450? Can you shed any light on that situation?
Martin: We’ll see. I made some comments in the begging of the year obviously that this will be my last 250 year, but I didn’t even feel like I got a fighting chance yet this year, honestly. I’ll take it on the chin. I’ll get a lot more comments, but I’ll probably be 250 again next year and go from there. That’s probably my future, to be honest with you guys. There it is.

Will Martin return to Star Racing Yamaha? That is still up in the air, and Martin isn’t commenting on that as of right now. 

Q: It’ll be the same team or potentially different?
Martin: I don’t know. Have to wait and see. I’m not supposed to say nothing.

Main image: Octopi Media

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