Dylan Ferrandis On RedBud Penalty: “Honestly, It’s Crazy”

Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis extended his points lead on Ken Roczen Saturday at the fourth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at RedBud. 

Ferrandis went 1-2 to claim the overall and in the process picked up 11 points on Roczen, who finished 2-6. The Frenchman now holds a 14 point lead in the 450 Class as the series heads to Southwick this weekend. 

In the first 450 moto, Ferrandis and Roczen were both penalized for jumping on a white cross flag. Ferrandis was docked one point, while Roczen was docked two, after it was determined he jumped further than Ferrandis. 

In the post-race press conference, Ferrandis talked about the penalty.  

“I haven’t seen the video of it, so I don’t know. Honestly, it’s crazy. I’m not going to say what I truly think, but I think you guys know. What is crazy is I never saw the white cross flag because it was on the landing. My team told me there was one in the corner, but if it’s true, if there is one in the corner, I passed the corner and then you have a takeoff and there was a yellow flag on the takeoff. So, I decided to not jump this jump because of the yellow flag and not because of the white flag. I just felt it was safer for me. I had nothing to gain to try jumping this jump even if it was just a yellow flag. So, I just scrubbed and did half of the tabletop. The white flag was on the landing, so it’s stupid. I guess if you ask Ken, same thing. He jumped because it was a yellow flag and with the yellow flag, you can jump. Again, I don’t think the problem is the riders because I think Ken and I know not to take big risks like this for no reward. I think the problem is where they put the flaggers. If the AMA wants to talk with me about this, there is no problem. I welcome them to come and ask me what we can do better for this situation. I just think it’s not really nice. It’s not going to make a big difference for me, but maybe for Ken. One point, you never know. It’s just a little sad to have to be docked points in the championship. We’re chasing these points so hard that as a rider you never like this situation. Like I said, I never want to take a risk for try a jump on that circumstance. It’s a weird situation.”

Main image: Yamaha


  1. This is crazy!! I watched this live and there was a Red Cross at the end of the whoops, yellow flag waving on the take off and then a Red Cross on the landing. It was several riders before the guy on the landing ran up and swapped flags with the guy on the take off. Very bad call from the AMA. Penalty Should be reversed

  2. and who was the guy on the ground ….WILSON who cost k roc points in supercross,,,sure wilson got the blue flag or at least knew the leaders were coming,,,hes just riding for donuts anyway….

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