Slawservation: I’m ALL IN On Two Row Starts for Supercross

Over the weekend when moto Twitter wasn’t blowing up about a Mister Vince Friese, it was embroiled in a heated debate started from the one and only Den Dog.

While Den Dog has some hot takes, this is one I actually stand behind.

The Abu Dhabi World Supercross event featured a two row start, due to what I’m assuming was lack of floor space. And while riders may not agree, especially Ken Roczen, I think two row starts should BE TESTED in Monster Energy Supercross.

Again, TESTED. Not saying we go full stream ahead with this.

Another person in favor of the idea: A Mister Checkerz at Race Tech. He even stole my idea and already wrote something. Go read it.

As he noted, I think this provides great benefit to the entire program. Let’s be real: Qualifying and heat races are typically BORING AF. The top guys cruise around in the heats with not much to try for. Well, if heats and/or qualifying determined whether you start on the front row or not, that changes the game.

Again, Checkerz stole my idea and already laid out a lot of what I wanted to talk about, but I’m all for this.

SX Global/WSX’s CEO, Adam Bailey proposed the change on Twitter and the responses are interesting.

Embrace debate: You in on two rows or not?

Main image: Feld Motor Sports

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  1. Actually… is a great idea! Never thought about it before, but it does make sense. Go for it.

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