Slawservation: Supercross Is So Mainstream Now

First and foremost, let Slaw, AMA Media Member of the Year 2024 Nominee, apologize for the tardiness of this blog. After getting screwed for the 2023 AMA Media Member of the Year Award, I went on strike. Yep, I vowed to write no more blogs until the award was rightfully delivered to me. 

Why have I returned to writing heaters? Slaw Nation. That’s why. The Nation of Slaw has spoken and I have returned. Sorry for the hiatus. WE are back. 

Since I’m back, I felt I needed to write a Slawservation. 

Guys, WE did it. Move over Jay Leno. See ya ESPN The Magazine. Supercross is once again back in the mainstream… thanks to Mister Cameron McAdoo and the one and only Kim K. 

Only the big things in our sport make the mainstream news and for some reason, Cam riding with his junk out at Detroit found the inboxes of TMZ and Barstool Sports. Yep THIS is what WE get noticed for. Great things come in pairs, I guess. 

Not only did Cam make the news, so did Kim K. 

Page Six dropped this heater of a headline last week: Kim Kardashian has a motocross moment in Balenciaga leather at Super Bowl 2024 

Being the Capital J that I am (take note AMA) I went and read the blog. 

Here are the highlights:

Kim Kardashian is keeping up with football’s biggest game.

The reality star arrived at Allegiant Stadium for the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday, sporting an oversized Balenciaga jacket and matching pants with knee pads.

She topped off the casual game day look with a baseball cap and a bold pair of sunglasses.

Her motocross-inspired look closely mirrors what her rumored beau wore on Saturday night, with the Baltimore Ravens star rocking a black-and-white leather look while the mom of four went Western with a cowboy hat and super low-cut halter top.

We did it guys. Supercross is now so mainstream. 

Written by Slaw Dog

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