Hunter Lawrence Fined Following Jason Anderson Incident at Salt Lake City

The AMA, the governing body for the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, has ruled on the Hunter Lawrence and Jason Anderson incident at the final round in Salt Lake City, UT.

In their post-race penalty report released today, the AMA noted it has fined Hunter an undisclosed amount for the incident and issued both riders a “written warning”.

For those unaware, Anderson took Hunter high in the bowl turn after the whoops and made some contact with him, sending the HRC Honda rider to the ground. 

This wasn’t the last of it, though. When Anderson came around to lap Hunter, Hunter made a deliberate move to make contact with Anderson. Anderson did not fall, but it was enough to separate him from Webb, who he was closing in on for a potential podium position.

I have a feeling this is far from over….

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  1. Monster Energy doing the same thing the NASCAR did it will ruin the racing. Overstepping. Politically correct racing is not fun to watch stop now before you ruin your sport.

  2. What comes around goes around..don’t crap on one ..without crapping on the other…sounds like Anderson got a pass..and than he didn’’s the problem with the can be a dick..and make a dick move.and expect big brother track officials to stick up for the dick..Anderson got what he deserved..and he wasn’t in danger of being hurt the way Hunter could have been..this is not a crybaby sport…stop the waaaa..waaaa.bull crap…

  3. Yeah makes sense let P.O.S. Anderson continue to punt riders off the track and then protect him from retaliation by fining anyone who dares to rub up against him… Jason is turning into the LeBron of Supercross… except Bron actually has talent

  4. You goons, shut up. What kind of b.s did you hear about when Jalek get PUNTED to the moon out of a bowl turn earlier this season. Nothing! That’s racing.

    Cry baby spiteful Hunter ruins his race to prove a point, and point taken Hunter, you’re immature and can’t handle 450 class without daddy and bro baby. Weak AF Hunter and you know it.

  5. Gentlemen, Anderson made an aggressive move early in the race with another rider (Lawrence) trying to get to the front. Many laps later, Anderson is still moving forward and Lawrence not advancing and off the pace, mase a retaliatory move against Anderson which potentially changed the outcome of the race. Maybe Anderson was aggressive but the two were fighting for position and that’s racing. When you make a retaliatory move while being lapped it takes the offense to a different level. I believe both punishments were fair and warranted.
    You keyboard warrior goons who have never been in that position don’t get it. Trashing one or both riders for their actions while doing their jobs is ridiculous as well as the race officials. Know the rulebook, accept the consequences and move on!

  6. Hey AMA your going to loose a massive fan base and a shit load of money if you keep on doing what nascar has done because of all the political crap. Let the racers do what they do ,they know how to deal with each other on the track and that’s part of motocross racing bumping bars .if you can’t handle real down to earth racing you should probably stay home and plant flowers

  7. What Anderson did was a racing move, and should be left as that. 2hat Hunter did was ridiculous. If he can’t handle what happened, get out of racing.

  8. I don’t see any complaining about Cooper going for Jett Lawrence in the qualifying race. Why? It was at the beginning and positioning yourself is what all riders try and so. Hunter pulled an Eli Tomac move in the end. Although Tomac was never fined for waiting on the track for Dungey and then trying to wreck him out on purpose so he could get his first championship. I’ve been in their shoes and seen plenty of the Hunter moves never fined. Tomacs move was always fined or you were sat for several races. Big Boy Tomac finally gets a championship so now he’s really untouchable. It’s okay. 9th his first year is better than over half of the other 450 class has done after several years there. Sorry Mcgrath, Johnson, and Carmichael, Jetts gonna break all the records unless the officials let someone take him out like Tomac has done several times without penalty. AMA just mad that 2 foreigners won both 250 and 450 classes and Jett is killing them all in every series he’s in as a rookie. I mean it’s not even a battle. Go Jett. Been a long time since someone of McGraths caliber has entered the arena.

  9. What Anderson did was racing and for positioning, so many riders do that, what Hunter did was made Honda’s team look bad and dirty Hunter did not do his job for Honda and if Hunter is a better racer than Anderson then he should have beat him on the track,if he can which maybe he can’t that’s why he he did that. Motocross is a tough sport of you can’t handle it step aside and let someone else do it.

  10. That last comment, lol. Guess you including Jett becUse he’s a Lawrence. He was wrong, suck it up snowflake.

  11. While I agree this is a tough sport and not for cry babies I wonder how people would react if it was them or if it was their child who was being bullied one way or the other. After being around the sport for several decades and seeing my son airlifted and also spent many trips to the ER or hospital admissions and multiple broken bones… I can tell you that most riders have a little rough side and although Anderson went in and took him high if you watch the video Hunter actually leaned over into him.. and for those who say that this is a sport which has a little bit of danger and it shouldn’t be policed the way it is I beg to differ…. It is exactly that a sport and one that has high benefits and high rewards the same as upsets and even possible danger. Because it is a sport it has rules and in my world if you don’t follow the rules then you shouldn’t play the game, and don’t watch it. The best racers are the ones who can play the game and still follow the rules and survive at the end of the day. The better man will not retaliate he will wait for karma.

  12. Anderson was racing Hunter couldn’t handle it for Anderson that was a pretty clean pass but the way Hunter obviously bitch blocked Anderson I lost any respect I had for him and AMA officials once again screwed the pooch Anderson did nothing worthy of a fine there isn’t any room for woke officials in pro Supercross

  13. Anderson is being a douche. Every sport has this typical person. This tension pushes the competitors and makes the series fun for spectators. So douche on Anderson – makes it more fun to watch you not win and super rewarding to watch the good guys persevere.

    As for Hunter, the fine is absolutely deserved. Intervening in a race you’re out of simply is bad sportsmanship. That said, defending a brother is always admirable. Blood is definitely thicker than water.

    Looking forward to MX

  14. Hunter should be back in Australia working on the farm, he would be better at that. He could trade his bike for a D11 like the Jackson brothers on YouTube. He’s not 450 class material..

  15. While it’s hard for me to be objective since I for one don’t like Anderson, I’ve known racers like him when I raced back in the 70s. But his takedown of Hunter was a bitch move. He tried to block pass and when that failed ran him off the track. To me that’s not racing it’s bumper cars on 2 wheels. Now what was not cool was Hunter cruising so Anderson would lap him and then try a really weak takedown move. Come on man. If you’re going to go off script and burn the rule book do it right. Like Barcia did to baby bro. Then throw a few haymakers at the finish line or in the pits.

  16. Jason was just racing when the so-called contact was made with Hunter in the berm. The contact was from Hunter dabbing his left foot as Jason passed by. Nothing nefarious but Hunter fell as a result. But Hunter’s retaliation was completely uncalled for and a childish immature retaliation when Jason was on pace for a potential podium spot. This d-bag move by Hunter deserves a disqualification as it was purposely intended to affect the outcome of the race. Hunter needs to grow up before racing with big boys.

  17. Well my 2 sence are this. Anderson n Hunter were RACING FOR POSITION. Anderson did get in a little hot , but rightfully so , he’s racing, doing his job. Could he backed out a little. Yes. But he’s always been a aggressive rider n going for it. Hes racing. Hunter is learning n not as aggressive. So in my eyes they both were racing the way they race. When you’re doing your job thats what you get. For me what happened was what you get with the riders involved. But what Hunter did later is not. You can’t just slow down n wait on another rider n try to knock them down, n that’s what he did. I still like them both n for me it was just racing. I feel sure they’ll meet again n the rolls may be reversed. Keep in mind people, ITS RACING..

  18. This crap is the reason an event was pretty much ruined for some of my friends. Shame on everyone involved.

  19. Jason’s pass was racing Hunter’s was retaliatory. Hunter should have been the only rider to receive any punishment from the AMA. You cant have racing without some contact.

  20. Well worth it Hunter, Anderson is a dick, he had that pass without having to ruin Hunters race but just couldn’t help himself.

  21. Jett admits to his pass on JA21 being essentially retaliation for his brother, yet nothing comes from that either? They need to stop picking and choosing who and/or what they punish and make it consistent, or just let the riders ride.

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