Slawdictions for Hangtown: Mosiman Snags an Overall Podium

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Following a nearly 98 percent pick rate over Monster Energy AMA Supercross, I’m here to bring you the most flame, fire, fuego, feu, predictions for the ENTIRE Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Hot takes, bold predictions, you name it, Slaw’s got it.

As always, we will first review my picks from Fox Raceway….

Prediction | Put Some Respect on It

Did we forget that Dylan Ferrandis won a title as a rookie a year ago? Seems that way. The defending champion, to me anyway, is being overlooked a bit. Is it because he’s coming off a wrist injury? Probably. But Ferrandis said he’s feeling good heading into the opener.

“I feel good, thanks for asking. Yeah, that wrist injury was nothing crazy, but it took me awhile to feel… like I could ride after a couple of weeks but it’s just the pain was always there for a long time,” he said. “I think it got back to normal since only two or three weeks. It was a small injury but very bothering. But now it’s all good and it’s ready for the motocross.”

IF he’s close to 100 percent, I like the defending champion to take the opener.

Guess what doesn’t count? This prediction. MOMENTS after publishing this masterpiece, the team announced that Ferrandis sustained a thumb injury during the pre-season press day and would not be racing. I proceeded to crawl into a dark hole and rethink all my predictions until….

Slawdiction: Incomplete

Prediction | Dungey AND Cairoli

What year are we in? Are we living in an alternate universe? BOTH Ryan Dungey and Antonio Cairoli are racing at Fox Raceway this weekend. WHAT IN THE ACUTAL ****! I have no idea what to expect from either, but I’m going to soak this all in. Since this is a hot take column, I’m going top 5 for BOTH! You heard it here first.

Yeah, yeah, I missed on Tony, BUT GUESS WHO I DID GET RIGHT? THE GOLDEN ROD HIMSELF! Yep, Slaw called it and also escaped the following….

Slawdiction: 8 out of 10.

Prediction | Jett’s World

Tired of hearing about Jett? Well, you better put some damn earplugs in, because guess what: Jett is the favorite to capture a second straight 250 Pro Motocross title. Jett comes out firing this weekend and wins the opener. Stamp it.

You guys good?

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.

Prediction | Forkner Podiums

Don’t look at Austin Forkner’s 2021 results. I have no idea who was riding that motorcycle, but it wasn’t a Mister AF! After a good supercross season, Forkner carries the momentum outdoors and takes a podium at Fox Raceway!

Man, I’m so bummed for Forkner. I’m not even worried about my prediction, even though it was wrong.

Slawdiction: Bummed.

Prediction | Pala Gets Fried!

Until he gets an overall, there will always be the: but Anderson hasn’t EVER won an overall. Which, yeah, very valid point. That changes this year (Lead Slaw Lock of the Year) but not at the opener. Still, Mr. Fried gets on the podium.

Yeah, yeah, Anderson didn’t podium, but MY GOD did you see him ride? He was sooooo good. He will win an overall, very soon.

Slawdiction: Fried.

On to Hangtown, the crown jewel of the series…

Mosiman Podiums

Mos Dog was pretty impressive at the opener, especially in the second moto where he got fourth. And guess what? Dude is literally from NorCal! Yep and I love him for an overall podium this weekend.

Jett Wins Again

Get those ear plugs out, doggies! The Jett does it again!

Hammaker Grabs a Moto Podium

For the sake of Mitch Payton’s sanity, this team really needs something good to happen at Hangtown. The speed was certainly there for Seth Hammaker at the opener, but coming off a big injury in supercross, the fitness was a bit off. Not this weekend. Hammaker saves Mitch and gets a moto podium.

Roczen Wins!

Dude, Ken ain’t playing around this year. He’s determined to get back to the top. Did you see his IG caption yesterday?

“I ll be there every damn weekend wether you like it or not! Like a little shit dog biting your ankles that doesn’t let go!☠️”

Also, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS MULLET? Mullet power is alive this weekend and he wins!

Crime Dog Jeff Simpson Takes Over Vurb Twitter and Pisses At Least 10 People Off

We have lost our minds. We are letting the Crime Dog himself Jeff Simpson take over on Twitter for the motos on Saturday. We will probably regret this.

Main image: GasGas

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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