Slawdictions for Detroit: What Time Does Deegan Race?

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Following a 99.8% accuracy rate in 2023, Slaw is back to bring you some flaming hot bold predictions for the ENTIRE 17 round Monster Energy Supercross Championship. Stay tuned all season long.

As the greatest wrastler alive, Ric Flair, once said: “I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun.”

As always, I will review my picks from A2 before getting into Detroit Rock City.

Prediction | 6 Different Main Event Winners

This weekend is the first Triple Crown of the season. That means six different main events (did we ever decided that is what we are calling them?). Slaw has dug deep into his crystal ball is predicting six different winners across that six races.

I’m not one to brag….haha, of course I am. May as well call me Slawstradamus.

Slawdiction: 10009090809090909090909 out of 10.

Prediction | Prado Holeshot

Last SX (for this year anyway) for the MXGP champ. He wants a holeshot to end his time here. One of the greatest starters in history will get at least ONE holeshot this weekend.

Are we sure he didn’t get a holeshot? I feel like he did. Did the AMA miss this one? I think so. Slaw is giving him a holie.

Slawdiction: 8 out of 10.

Prediction | No One Fined

After all the drama last weekend, we return to normal. Sad times for social media engagement.

“I’m only here so I don’t get fined!” Poor Cooper. The good news: the boys at Winners Take Y’all didn’t have to fine him because he showed up and gave a fantastic interview.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Prediction | Super Cooper

Do not fire up Cooper Webb. Whelp, too late. Cooper was not happy with the late race stuff going on. Not a good thing for the field. He wins the overall this weekend.

I told y’all. DO NOT GET WEBB FIRED UP! He feeds off this shit. BIG mistake. Big.

Slawdiction: 100 out of 10.

Prediction | RJ Wins

I really think RJ keeps it together for all three races this weekend. Am I crazy or Nostradamus? We shall find out.

I think I was a couple claws deep when I wrote this. My bad.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Let’s talk Detroit, the Crown Jewel of the series.

What Time Does Deegan Race?

This will be written at least 10000000 times across social media.

Dax Stacked

Rookie tend to have a hard time in their first SX race. Not Dax Bennick. Friend of Deegan, I’ve heard Dax is “flying at the test track” ahead of his pro debut and that does not surprise me. Look at who we get to train with on the daily. Stacked lineup. Top five for Dax in his debut.

Triumph Debuts

Not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped on this. Triumph, one of the best motorcycle brands in the world, will finally make their debut at Detroit and we get to see the full bike up close and personal. Jalek Swoll and Evan Ferry will debut the bike and while I think they have some struggles, I have them both for a top 15 this weekend.

Tomac is Back

If I’m the field and watched the Mac do what he did in the final main event last weekend, I’m worried. Even more reason to worry this weekend, as Tomac takes his first win of the new year.

#PeeGate Returns

Look at that 250 schedule!?!?! Peegate is back!

Main image: Yamaha

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