The 2024 Vurbmoto Shred Tour Schedule Announcement

If you’re a fan of everything Vurbmoto, then you’re a fan of our Shred Tours as well! If you have been to one of our events in the past, welcome back. If you haven’t yet been to one, mark your calendars because THIS IS THE YEAR.

We’re kicking things off with the Gypsy Tales 500 at Mesquite on March 8-9. We partnered with our longtime friend Jase Macalpine of Gypsy Tales to bring you a part off-road/part moto endurance race, or funderance if you will. This one is already sold out, but the good news is we are doing one on the East Coast later this year. Once pre-reg is open, you better sign up fast.

Technically an event standing on its own, we still include it on our events schedule, but the Vurbmoto World Mini is BACK at Mesquite for its second year. We plan to have this event yearly for the rest of eternity. The World Mini is a staple in amateur motocross and ALL THE GREATS HAVE WON CHAMPIONSHIPS HERE! If your little ripper wants to be like Eli Tomac one day then you surely won’t miss this race. Also, we are bringing back the biggest trophys ever.

Then on May 18-19 we are heading to upstate New York and the most famous farm race track in the World, UNADILLA. We are taking the place over for two days and calling it Vurbadilla. This event is part of the J Day Off-Road schedule, so be prepared for some epic off-road and moto action. We had such a great turnout last year that we knew we had to go back. 

In June, we are going to see our friends in the northwest at the Vurbapalooza event at Washougal. We truly felt at welcome by all the rippers in Washington. We’re excited to see the crew in the northwest once again at one of the most beautiful tracks in the country.

On August 17-18 we are heading to the sacred grounds that Brett Cue jumped off the BIGGEST ROCKING CHAIR IN THE WORLD. What should we have him jump off next? You guys are going to let us know! Our friends at Lincoln Trail know how to have a good time and their facility is top tier. The Summer Slam is going to be off the chain. We literally had a wrestling show last year. It was epic.

On September 14-15 we have our famed Vurbmoto Classic with hired guns and the ELITE level of racing that you’ve come to expect from the event. We’ve been doing this race since 2008 and some of the biggest names in the pro ranks have come through this event. This year it’s at NXT LVL 101 in South Carolina.

For our stop in October we always go see our friends at the Vurbmoto Muddy Creek Top Gun Showdown. This event has been HUGE since the 1800s and we’re proud to be a part of the heritage. A big part of this event is the Cody Gragg Memorial Two Stroke race where a huge purse is up for grabs. Aaron Plessinger puts up 10K every year!

Also in October, we’re heading to Fox Raceway for the Vurbmoto Classic of Nations. A first time event for us and we will bring you more information soon. 

To finish off the season we will be doing a Gypsy 500 East at the Shoals in South Carolina. It’s Steward Baylor’s track and we’ve done an event here before and had a blast!

That’s our Shred Tour for the 2024 calendar year. When you come to one of our races we want you to feel like you’re at any normal race, but with a big race environment. We’ve got hot dog eating contests, Stacyc races for the kids, the Vurbmoto booth stocked with exclusive merchandise you can only get at the event. Each round we will try to bring something unique, whether it’s live wrestlers, jumping off a giant pineapple, or even having cloggers come out. You’ll never know what’s up our sleeves and we will keep you guessing. One thing that is for sure is that we are going to have a lot of fun racing dirt bikes.

Thanks to all of our great sponsors for their continued support and thanks to all of you who support us. We will see you at a Shred Tour stop soon!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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