The 250SX East Region Returns This Weekend, So Here Are Some Season Stats Through Five Rounds

Hey, guess who is back this weekend? Monster Energy AMA Supercross! That’s right, after a week off the series returns this weekend for round 13 in St. Louis.

Following the break, the 250SX East Region is back, as well, after last racing in Indy on March 19.

You probably forgot a lot about who is leading the points (hint: Jett Lawrence) and all that stuff, so we are here with some season stats through five rounds.


Top Five in Points

1Jett Lawrence125
2Cameron McAdoo114
3Pierce Brown87
4RJ Hampshire81
5Enzo Lopes81


RankRiderNo of Wins
1Jett Lawrence4
2Cameron McAdoo1

Triple Crown Race Wins

RankRiderNo of Wins
1Jett Lawrence1
1Cameron McAdoo1
1Austin Forkner1

Laps Lead

RankRiderLaps Lead
1Jett Lawrence70
2Cameron McAdoo5
3Austin Forkner1

Triple Crown Laps Lead

RankRiderLaps Lead
1Jett Lawrence13
2Cameron McAdoo13
3Austin Forkner10
4Stilez Robertson4

Total Laps Lead

RankRiderLaps Lead
1Jett Lawrence83
2Cameron McAdoo18
3Austin Forkner11
4Stilez Robertson4

Holeshots (Triple Crown in Arlington Not Included)

1Jett Lawrence3
2Stilez Robertson1
2Austin Forkner1

Main image: Kawasaki

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