Producing Flight Plan: A List of Things You Didn’t Know

According to Jett Lawrence – as he stated on the Racer X Weege Show last winter from the Honda Intro – shooting a show is easy. He just turns up, sometimes we, the filmers, happen to be there, and that’s that. We don’t get in the way, ask him to do much, and then POOF there are episodes online. 100% not a distraction. Sure that might be the case for him, but I’ll just say that’s nooooot really how things go.

Shushing the Haters is what The Lawrence’s do in Epi 1 of Flight Plan! Mike Vizer Photo.

So you’ve likely stumbled across this blog to read about your two favorite racers: Jett and Hunter Lawrence, hoping that we’ve somehow included a shot of them without their shirts on. Well, maybe we did include that, but you’ll have to read this whole thing to find out.

Anyway, your crew here at vurbmoto are the ones responsible for producing and directing Flight Plan (the name of their show) for Red Bull, so we figured we’d give you an inside glimpse of a few things you didn’t realize about the production. While some of these have absolutely nothing to do with them, I’ll make sure to include their names as many times as possible for SEO purposes, and like I said, you may or may not get a photo of them shirtless at the bottom.

Hey, Google, index JETT LAWRENCE SHIRTLESS so vurbmoto can get a million extra hits this year.

  • The most annoying thing about the entire show, Lucas Mirtl – the agent – actually has a non-removeable LA Dodgers hat sewn onto his head. That means, for trademark purposes, your edit team here gets the chance to blur his head EVERY SINGLE TIME HE’S ON SCREEN!! But fear not, we make Lucas pay us in Sushi dinner dividends every time we hang out, which is basically never. So we’re on the losing side here is what I’m saying.
If you look closely, you can see the stitch line from the doctors. Love you Mirtz!
  • We actually conducted the first round of interviews, as well as the Dumb and Dumber skit, two days before Hangtown. You know, the round that Jett fell insanely ill? Given that none of our crew was sick, I take absolutely zero fault for that and I’m really happy that I felt fine watching the race from my couch that weekend. But watching back now, you can definitely hear Jett’s voice is a little nasally. But we truly appreciate Jett always going out of his way to give us that little bit of extra drama for the show. It really show his dedication.
  • Our production team is actually based all around the entire country. From story producers in Maryland, South Carolina, and California to the shoot/edit team logging into the matrix from Idaho, Michigan, Kentucky, and Florida, we truly do things from every corner we possibly can. It just means that no matter where Jett and Hunter go, we will find them.
The moment we replayed Jett’s worst nightmare
  • We pre-plan topics for the interviews and episodes, but we didn’t plan to lead off episode 1 with the over-exposed angle. I knew it was going to be a cool topic to touch on, as I’d seen many Instagram comments, Vital threads, Twitter rants, etc about the Lawrence Bros Effect, but as soon as I felt the energy and REAL REAL from Dazzy I knew instantly that was our one and only way to start the season off. His passion and desire to continue to progress is unreal, and it’s truly something I enjoy being around when we get the pleasure to shoot with him. And after reading through the YouTube comments, I’d say the world agrees with him. His ways and views of life are insanely admirable. 

    What was the original plan, you ask? Having the first character sit down be Austin Forkner and reviewing the Arlington crash. We didn’t make much headway with that though, and then we found out Austin got hurt right after Fox Raceway. We ultimately knew the chances of that working out was in the negatives. But damn would it be cool to get Austin’s take now that he’s had time to reflect on it.
  • Jack Chambers has a bet with Jett that is still on the table. If Jett loses an overall, fair and square – no mechanicals – he has to go skydiving. We’ll wait and see if that one comes to fruition. Think that will 1000% make an episode.
  • Hanging out with Hunter is epic. He takes us to dinner, and really nice spots too since he has every food allergy under the sun. Shout out to Team HJ. Also, the only reason I’m going to Washougal this weekend: I think Hunter’s had enough and I’ve got to be there for it. Not only for the show, but to record Jett’s face when he realizes #5 has to happen. So despite our story producers saying we don’t need much from Washougal, I’m packing up my truck and headed west. Hey Slawdog, Slawdictions better mirror my theory here, or else Troy Dog CEO is taking your job once and for all.

Did you learn anything here? Probably not, but at least I’m a man of my word. Here’s a VIDEO OF JETT SHIRTLESS!! You have any real questions? Blast them on here or twitter and I’ll do my best of being more serious next time.

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the latest episode of Flight Plan below!

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

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