We Need to Talk About Hunter Lawrence Setting the Fastest Lap of Moto 2 on the FINAL LAP

It’s a damn shame that someone had to lose that second 250 moto at High Point on Saturday. 

As, I, Slaw, predicted, the summer of the Lawrence’s continued at High Point with the bros trading moto wins with Jett taking the overall (he won the second moto) and the duo going 1-2 on the day. 

It was an instant classic. Put some damn respect on it. 

Anyway, what stood out to me is Hunter set the fastest lap of the race ON THE FINAL LAP!!!! Yeah, after 30-some odd minutes of trading blows with your brother, you just decide yeah: I’m gonna find ANOTHER level and put in a damn 2:04.9 ON THE FINAL LAP!

It wasn’t enough, as Jett held on for a less than second win to take the overall and the moto win. 

“It was a coin toss in that second one, honestly—so close! It was virtually a 35-minute sprint; from the gate drop, we were sprinting the whole moto,” Hunter said after the race. “Third place was 36 seconds behind us, and I set the fastest lap of the race on the last lap. There will be another time for sure, and I’ll get him back. There’s going to be many more motos just like that one, and I think it’s cool; it’s what everyone has been wanting to see for a long time.”

Watching these boys duke it out all summer is going to be amazing. 

Main image: Honda HRC

Written by Slaw Dog

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