MillCreek MX: News You Don’t Want to Hear

It was a nice fall Saturday in 2001. Normally, my mom and I would stay local and she’d watch me lay down ridiculously fast laps within the area [Slaw Note: Fake news], but it was a special weekend. I’d somehow convinced her we should huck it three hours to Alabama and check out this new track we’d heard about called MillCreek MX. While I hadn’t been on big bikes too long at that point, I remember feeling right at home and loving the track. Fifth gear pinned (of course) in my Thor Core gear – emulating my best Grant Langston of the time – over the legendary step-up to step-over along the fence line to the long flowy and downhills…just crushhhing. I was in love. Little did I know how many times I would return to those grounds for the decades to come.

Fast forward five years. 2006. Loretta Lynn’s Regional. I pointed my camera at the long start straight to see Malcolm Stewart topping the ridge with the holeshot. It was an early moto and I recall the sun barely cresting the horizon as the #271 came towards me. Being a mid-summer morning, there was 36 inches of dew on the grass and running full sprint across the slopped infield was a horrendous idea.  I aptly slipped, went head-first, dislocated my shoulder, and snapped of the entire front element of my DVX100b camera. Ugh, that was a bad day.

A grip of years later. 2009. Mud Dolphin emerged, Coors Light in hand, from the vurbmoto motorhome as I stoically traced his first steps into the motocross world. A moment burned in time forever.

And then – 2012 – when Cooper Webb got protested in the B class after moving to Rockstar Yamaha! 

Or even that time in 2013 when Danny Stuart and I locked the keys inside the boxvan, managed to slip in through the roof vent, and then we wore 2000s era jerseys the entire rest of the week. Too bad we’ll never get another trip to Hurricanes, eh Kevin Kelly?

Most recently, the first race back for vurbmoto during the height of covid in 2020 followed by a stop of the Vurb Shred Tour in 2021. 

My point? I’ve logged some epic laps down that long Forrest Gump style driveway, that’s for sure.

Needless to say, memories hold very dear places in our hearts, and I have an endless catalog of them myself that are rooted right there in that red loamy dirt of Pell City, Alabama at MillCreek. 

We Love You, Millcreek!

For that reason, the following release brings tears to my eyes. We knew this news was coming, and I want to be the first to say thank you to the entire McWilliams family. Your love and graciousness towards not only me, but the entire vurbmoto family, will always be cherished and appreciated. You guys did things for us when no one else would, and I truly can’t thank you all enough. From the local squad in the Southeast, to bringing Lake Whitney to life, to Vurb Classic’s, Reunion races, and so many things in between; you guys have always been our family and we’re thankful we could be part of your motocross journey.

Much love and best wishes in your new endeavors! 


MillCreek Mx Park
Pell City, Alabama

From the McWilliams family to all of our racers, fans and supporters over the past 22 years: we humbly announce that, effective immediately, MillCreek Mx Park will be closing its gates forever.

This decision comes after many emotional conversations and days and nights of mixed emotions. We have had over two decades – some of what we consider best years of our lives – involved in the sport we all love so much. The awesome racers, families, fans and supporters that we have come to love like family over the years have left memories with us that will last a lifetime. All of the incredible events that have taken place at MillCreek will be forever entrenched in our hearts.

We owe so many thanks to those that helped us through the years to become one of the nation’s top facilities. We could not have been so successful without all of the personnel that became like family, and all of our friends that put pain-staking hours of sweat and dedication in helping make the events go so smoothly and professional. We will never forget any of you and we appreciate and thank you all!

Thank you MX Sports, the Coombs family, Tim Cotter and the entire staff that gave us so much support, trust and confidence to run and host so many of their events throughout the years.

We also want to thank the industry and manufactures that supported our efforts to provide the racers and events with product and contingency programs.

We want to extend a special thanks to Wes Williams, Brent Stallo and vurbmoto for teaming up with us so many years ago. We could not have had a better partner in creating some incredibly awesome events.

MillCreek Mx Park will begin a transformation into what will become known as MillCreek Crossings, a 300+ new home community. The facility has been purchased by one of the nation’s top five builders and they are expected to begin work within the next 45 days with the first residence being occupied in the spring of 2023.

Thanks for the memories, everyone!

The McWilliams family


With this news, we would also like to announce we’ll be moving our Millcreek Mx Vurb Shred Tour round much, much further west, to Delta, UT in October. 

We will miss you dearly, Millcreek.


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