Power Rankings: Arlington

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The usual suspects are all here. We’ve got Denny Stephenson, Ginger Dog, Jason Lawrence, Troy Dog, and that idiot Slaw Dog to bring you the best Power Rankings lists in the sport!

Law Dog

(Editor’s note: We reached out to J-Law for comments on his list, but we have not heard back.)

Slaw Dog

– Won the last round in Glendale and is catching fire. Title contender, says Slaw.

-Over/under 100 cowboys hats on track walk?

-Over/under 100 cowboy boots on track walk?

-What you got in that bag, Dean?

-So happy to see a healthy Forkner. Unlocking those hips.

-He’s going to be tough to stop if he gets a start.

-Will the week off helping with the bike? I think so.

-Max is a title contender. And you know it.

-Rookie is impressive. Slaw has been on the Dax Wagon all off-season.

-What a race from the Schoker. Can he back it up?

Troy Dog

– I wrote an impressive piece of investigative journalism this week that shook the industry. Take note Vital MX, this is how you do it.

– 250SX points leader AND he avoided all of the carnage in Detroit. It was not a fluke, Forkner will be the man to beat in this series.

– It seems like 300 years ago that we watched these dudes race dirt bikes, but the last time that they did, Kenny won.

– Jett is leading the points and is the only two-time winner of the 450 class this season.

– Coty Schock was a late addition to the ClubMX team and now he carries them as their lone rider in the Lone Star State.

– Trevor Colip finished 11th in his first ever Supercross for the Ti Lube Honda team. He’s got some serious skills and I’m going to keep an eye on his progress.

– Dylan Ferrandis is putting together his best 450SX season of his career, mostly because he’s staying healthy. He’s the rider who is doing the best and getting talked about the least.

– AP has straight ghosted me on this cowboy hat holding deal. So, he’s not on the list this week. He won’t be on the list until he gets back to me. His hat however, has done nothing wrong and I will take good care of it at Indy.

– Hawaiian Punch returns to the gate this weekend and I’m excited to get updates from him while he’s still on the track. The dude sends me messages when he’s supposed to be on the gate and stuff. I don’t understand how he does it.

– Ty Masterpool also returns to the gate and will be making his 450SX debut. Does it really count as a debut since he raced SMX playoffs? I don’t know man. He’s never raced Monster Energy Supercross on a 450, so it counts.

Ginger Dog

-We have some mid pack guys returning this week so it’s going to make the LCQ fun. I’m ready for the carnage. Also, that first turn is giving Detroit vibes. Prayers up because, ya know, moms like me worry. 

-He’s flowing. His post win interview in Glendale still rings in my head. He made a comment that P1s don’t come too often anymore, BUT this dude is sitting 6th in points. He’s riding really well and I think he has plenty more podiums in him before SX ends. 

-Ty is one that is returning this weekend. He’s making his 450 debut! I’m not really sure what to expect from him. Ty blew up there a bit during outdoors when he was giving some big time factory dudes a run for their money. That’s one thing I like about Ty. He’s shown he can push his way VERY close to the top. There are a ton of riders I love, but their finishes become predictable. Not Ty. To end my rant, I’m glad he’s back. Ty has the power, so as long as he gets a good start I think he can pull a good finish. 

-Kid took 3rd in Detroit. I’m rooting hard for him this weekend (he gets the Ginger’s Favorite Rookie Award). 

-Arlington was a Triple C last year and Webb won. He currently sits 4th in points right now (just 10 away from Jett). Speaking of points, I can’t even wrap my head around how close all the top five guys are from one another. It makes this stuff even more fun to watch.

-Red Plate Daddy

-Podium. Podium. Podium. 

-DIANNA. I waited for the Salty Honey Dunes collection to drop all week. I was 15 minutes late and everything I wanted is already sold out and in presale (arriving in April). I’m extremely sad. I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s Dianna Dahlgren. She’s unstoppable and I miss seeing her face in moto.  

-T is recording a Squad Pod today that I will definitely be listening to. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be sure to remind ya’ll about it when it goes live. If you love moto and baseball this one is for you. 

-Texas always gives boujee vibes and it makes me laugh. I consider myself a country/hood rat hybrid seeing as how I have deep family ties to Tennessee while also being raised in the hoods of Cincinnati. My idea of country is VERY different from those Texas queens. I do appreciate a good fancy cowboy though (only if he has a mustache). 

Den Dog

– Bum wrist. Bent bars. Flips off the World. Does HD rebound in Dallas?

– There are no words for what happened to McAdoo in Detroit. Just imagine if he would have charged through the pack and finished on the podium.

– I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan from Nebraska. The only thing more disappointing than losing to the Packers in the playoffs has been Husky’s 450 season so far.

– A hundred years ago, I got my third win in the other “Dallas” stadium.

– I lived in the Dallas area for about six months back in 1997. I moved down with a five gallon can of race gas and a practice bike. When I moved back to Omaha, I had my practice bike and three gallons of race gas. I blame the ballet.

– One of the best Mexican restaurants in the World is just 18 miles from AT&T Stadium. However, they do not sell delicious Cubano sandwiches. T-Dog gets it.

– Robert Matthew Van Winkle was born and raised in south Dallas with his rag top down so his hair can blow.

– It’s time Anderson gets his first win of the 2024 season in Jerry’s World.

– Today, Friday, February 23rd is my brother’s birthday, and he now he lives in the Dallas area. See what I did there?

– Last year the Sheriff passed away. This weekend in Dallas is a celebration of life for our friend. Godspeed JD.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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