Most Likely, Arlington: Most Likely to do the Best and Get Talked About the Least? Plus More!

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Welcome to a new feature called Most Likely. It’s such a banger that our friends at Michelin have already jumped on board! So, go buy some new tires for your entire lineup!

Each week, Slaw, Troy, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”.

Most would call us brilliant.

We’re back to racing this weekend in Arlington AND pick back up on the 250SX East Region, so let’s jump right into this!

Most likely to wear a Cowboys jersey in opening ceremonies?

Slaw Dog: AP

T-Dog: My Cowboy brethren will be wearing a Cowboys jersey.

Den Dog: I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan. After that embarrassing loss in the playoffs, AyAyRon Seven should wear a Packers jersey..

Most likely to yell at T-Dog in the group text, Clint or DBO?

Slaw Dog: Pass

T-Dog: I yelled at Clint this week because he promised me things that he couldn’t deliver on. I’m still mad at him for it.

Den Dog: I blame Troy for the week off.

Is the 250 class most likely or most likely not going to make it through the first turn of the main?

Slaw Dog: Half the field. First turn looks sketch.

T-Dog: It’s basically a replica of the first turn that we saw in Detroit. Good luck everyone, you’re going to need it. I’ll pray for you all.

Den Dog: I am hoping for a carnage free, 22 rider, 250 East main event. <still laughing>

Most likely to win 450SX Main Event?

Slaw Dog: Webb

T-Dog: Jett

Den Dog: Tomac! Tomac!

Most likely to win 250SX Main Event?

Slaw Dog: Deegan

T-Dog: I say Deegan bounces back.

Den Dog: Cam and his two little friends.

Which rider is most likely to make their first main event of the season?

Slaw Dog: Justin Starling

T-Dog: Ty Masterpool

Den Dog: AX rider Ryan Breece makes his ’24SX debut and puts it in the 450 main.

Most likely to Chiz?

Slaw Dog: Shane McElrath

T-Dog: Har Dog

Den Dog: Ty Masterpool

Most likely to be top rookie in the 250 class?

Slaw Dog: Romano

T-Dog: Bennick is legit, man. It’s going to be tough to beat him.

Den Dog: Daxton Bennick is the future.

Most likely to hold the 450SX red plate leaving Arlington?

Slaw Dog: Jett

T-Dog: Jett

Den Dog: The kid with the Rolls.

Which rider, in either class, is most likely to do the best and get talked about the least?

Slaw Dog: Ferrandis

T-Dog: Mitch Oldenburg

Den Dog: Justin Cooper

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Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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