Power Rankings: San Diego

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Yep, the most entertaining rankings in the entire world are back for a brand new SuperMotocross season. And we have not one, but TWO, special guests this week. Jason Lawrence (Law Dog) returns, as does a Mister Denny Stephenson. Slaw Dog is also back 🙂 but so is Troy 🙁

Round 3. Let’s go!

Ginger Dog

-Kitchen’s Ratatouille booty patch will always be my favorite thing about round two. Yeah, I know he’s the chef, so we should have expected something that cool BUT do you guys remember that one line in the movie that goes, “If you focus on what you’ve left behind, you’ll never be able to see what lies ahead.” For Levi, he’s definitely looking ahead. It’s a new season for him and he’s on a new team. He’s now matched up with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Any kind of change (good or bad) is going to be scary…….right, T-Dog? To end my rant, congrats, Levi. You took P2 and absolutely Gordon Ramsay-ed that mud. 

-We are only coming into round three but I love that Sexton is leading points. His start was incredible. I’m still wondering how he was able to hold it together in that first turn. Chase rode really well and I don’t want to hear anything along the lines of, “well, the mud messed up so-and-so.” Things got so weird that even a certain someone got lapped. Overall, I’m excited to see what Chase can do in San Diego. He’s gotta still be feeling that P1 high.  

-With all Jordon Smith has been through, it was pretty amazing to see him take first. Plus, he gave us a good mud dive which I always look forward to at a mudder. 

-Career best fourth. Yay Shane! (special shout out to @foggylamafilms…..see my #8)

-I don’t know what impressed me more: that this is his first ever supercross season, his San Fran heat win, OR how well he carried himself in that post win interview. Jorge is just easy to listen to, and overall, his energy just draws me in. He’s precious and I love his accent. He ended round two with an overall seventh. I’m keeping my eyes on him this season. I have a feeling this is just the start of his top 10 finishes. 

-I really wanted to see Phil on the podium after all the bike BS he encountered while in Anaheim. He was so close! It didn’t happen for him this week, but I loved seeing him get a post-race interview. All I remember is him thanking his dad. Phil is a good dude and I think he needs more TV time. 

-AP took fifth, which is pretty solid for a man who loves mud. 

-I can’t even imagine what it would be like to cover round two (actually I can because the good men and women of media provided all the pictures and video I would ever need). The stills from San Fran were absolutely incredible. I feel like our supercross/outdoor media peeps need some serious love. I’ve been pushing for a photographer spotlight column on Vurb for a good year now (meaning I just chirp in Troy’s ear every few months). Maybe now that Troy is Mr. Editor-in-Chief he can give me the go ahead. I know some incredibly talented individuals and would love to really go behind the lens. 

-I saw so much footage of a guy jumping out of the stands to help Mookie with his bike. Dangerous…yes. But still awesome. I could write a whole article on why moto people are the best people. 

-Expect to see some in San Diego this weekend. Rain sounds pretty good to me right now seeing as how I’ve been existing in -10 degrees for most of this week. It’s supposed to snow in the Nati on Friday (It’s currently Thursday and I’m writing this in my classroom while my students take a math test). I’m hoping by the time this is posted I’ll be enjoying a snow day.

Slaw Dog

-No one in France. No one in America. No one in Slaw’s house had Bourdon doing this well through two rounds. Magical start for he and BarX.

-Dude lives in a van at Race Tech and is making mains. Stop it. I love this sport.

-My goodness. Best one ever?

-BIG things coming for Vurb and Den Dog. Stay tuned.

-After riding 100 different brands over the last few years, MC Rath is building. Also, have you seen that sweet stash?

-Super impressive.

-Good for Tomac. Love to see him back.

-Good for Smith. Love to see him back.

-Only Phil would have two rounds like this.

-What a way to rebound after a disastrous A1.

Troy Dog

– His first win in five years comes in the toughest conditions imaginable. Well earned, Smitty!

– The mechanics are still cleaning the mud from every crevice on their bike and themselves. The team personnel will have everything shining this weekend in San Diego, like last week never even happened. That’s what they do.

– Chase got his first win on his KTM at the second round. It reminded me of Ryan Dungey who also got his first win for KTM at the second round in 2012.

– Roczen came from dead last to third. Enuf said.

– JMart joined me on the Squad Pod to discuss his recovery from a dislocated wrist, his preparation for the 250SX East Region, arguing with Phil, and more. Listen to it now on the Vurbmoto Podcast Network.

– Tomac is BACK!

– The Chef has gone 3-2 to start the season. It’s now time to Chef up some assertion with a win in San Diego. He still hasn’t worn his Chef hat btw.

– Crocs were a big topic on Twitter this week. Crocs are popular again. Den Dog can’t stand them. Ginger Dog wears them. It’s a mess.

– Deegan Hepp made the first main event of his career and he’s living in a van at the Race Tech shop. I’m serious.

– Everyone not named Clinton Fowler can be on the ten spot this week. Clint Dog can’t stop yelling at me for some reason. Angry Clint season.

Den Dog

1) I am addicted to watching all the IG clips from San Fran. You couldn’t see how hard it was raining on the broadcast. However, in those short clips, it was a torrential downpour. And the track. Unreal. And I survived ’91 Hangtown without drowning. MAD respect to the riders and teams for all their hard work at the Swamp of Oracle Park. You guys were animals.

2) If Sexton eventually pulls off this 24SX title, his one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three…. perfect start at round 2 will further be immortalized. Watch Chase’s start again from behind. His rear wheel doesn’t spin at all, until he’s over the gate. A near perfect launch. Hmmmm…

3) The reigning MXGP Champ lit it up in the mud. Prado was a fantasy SX dream Saturday night. Bonus points for everyone! And possibly the key to winning the 24SX Survivor league with his top 10. The Spaniard is destined to be a star in the US. sooner than later. 

4) I’m not sure anyone had Smith going 2-1 on their bingo cards at the opening two rounds of the 250 West series. Yet, here we are. The veteran heads to San Diego with the almighty red plate. 

5) Man, oh, man. After missing most of the 2023 with injuries. After two miserable rounds. Both Stew & Nate have gotta be searching for the meaning of life. 

6) F**king Phil! A1 he doesn’t even get to race the main due to a bike issue. Fast forward seven days and Nicoletti is battling for a first ever SX podium and his teammate passes him on the last lap!

7) Aarrgghh! A word the Urban Dictionary defines as, “An expression you say when you are very frustrated.” That sounds about right. Speaking of “Aarrgghh!” I think that pretty well explains Shimoda and Honda’s hopes for a 250SX West title. I personally never had Jo winning the title. But, I never even considered a mechanical DNF to be the culprit. That’s three for the factory Red Rider team. ’22 RedBud Jett. ’23 Southwick Hunter. Now ’24 San Fran Jo. 

8) Every moto media member and fan, who were already talking about Jett and a perfect SX season, after ONE race, should immediately punch themselves in the face and hang their heads in shame. Utter fools. 

9) Welp. After coming from near last two Saturdays in a row, with a 10th and a third on his scorecard, it’s just a matter of time until the stars align and Kenny grabs his first SX win of 2024. Could it be another mudder inside Snapdragon Stadium? With Roczen and his Progressive Suzuki standing atop the podium? The Magic 8 Ball says, “Signs point to… good chance.”

10) Speaking of 10-year-old yellow dirt bikes, Shane McElrath put two Suzukis inside the top five at the Oracle Pond by the Bay. I have to believe. That’s gotta feel a helluva lot better than crying on the app now known as X about not racing the 250 class. Ya think?

We’ll see ya next week. 

Law Dog

Editor’s note: Law Dog only provided a list this week. It’s okay, we’re just happy that he’s here with us!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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