Power Rankings: Anaheim 1 with Special Guest Jason Lawrence


Yep, the most entertaining rankings in the entire world are back for a brand new SuperMotocross season. We’ve kicked Ginger to the curb (for now) and replaced here with the ONE, the ONLY, Jason “Mother Fing” Lawrence.

That’s right, Law Dog is here to kick off a new season with his power rankings. Slaw, the AMA Media Member of the Year (not official) is back. troy returns 🙁

Each week these rankings will be updated so that you guys can argue about how wrong they are in the comment section! Feel free to tell us if we’re right/wrong/or completely dumb. But not Law Dog or Slaw Dog, just Troy Dog.

Law Dog

-I put Jett in first because the way I see it, he’s still running undefeated on the 450. Until someone beats him convincingly in a race and knocks his confidence down I will take Jett to win the main at every dry race this year. 

-I put Eli second because I think he comes to Anaheim with something to prove and does it with a podium.  I think this particular race means way more to Jett than Eli. I don’t think you’ll see more than 80% of what Eli’s current level is at the first race. 

-I put Kenny third behind Eli, but this could go either way. I wish I could throw Anderson on the third step of the podium with Kenny. So, I had a hard time between Kenny and Hombre, but I went with Kenny for third. 

-I think my podium guys (plus Hombre) are going to be a level above what Webb, AP and Bam Bam have at A1. Once the series comes East they’ll be podium guys.  

-I think Mookie and Sexton might struggle because they seem to have the most pressure, or highest expectations from everyone. 

-I think Ferrandis and Craig are two guys who could have surprising results. I think they’re both good on that kind of track and are under the radar. 

-Assuming Prado gets the holeshot in the main, finishing top 10 would be impressive.

My podium is Jett, Tomac, Roczen.

Slaw Dog

-Hard not to put the defending champion first for the opener, but the transition to KTM is going to be tough. Not sure he’ll be #1 next week.

-Things I didn’t have on my bingo card for 2024… JASON LAWRENCE PART OF POWER RANKINGS!

-Never doubt the Mac.

-Kenny gonna shock some people early in the season.

-Is this the year for RJ? I think so.

-If not RJ, then Jo.

-Jett gonna Jett. Probably podiums round 1.

-People sleeping on Cooper. Don’t sleep on Cooper.

-If not RJ or Jo, then Levi.

-Hunter will be good. Maybe give him a few rounds.

Troy Dog

-Defending champion. He’s earned #1.

– My buddy Weege has spent half of his career trying to become the announcer of Supercross and now he will get the chance at certain rounds. Cheers to accomplishing a lifelong goal. 

– It’s been a long time since a rider has had this much hype coming into the season opener. It’s not James Stewart 2005 hype, but it’s darn close. 

– Tomac is an all-time great who would have won the Supercross Championship last year had he not gotten hurt. He’s going to be hard to beat for the title in 2024.

– Ken Roczen should probably be higher on this list, but it’s competitive! He’s going for his fifth victory at Anaheim 1, but he’s completely reborn on this HEP Suzuki and happy. He’s going to be in this championship fight until the end. 

– RJ enters the 250SX West Region as the number one title threat.

-Cooper Webb was a championship contender until his head injury in Nashville. This year he’s armed with a Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha and will be in the hunt all season. 

– Shimoda is ready to make a championship run in the 250SX West Region on his new HRC Honda. Will it be enough to beat the veteran Hampshire? 

– Hunter is entering his rookie 450SX Championship fresh off of two 250 titles in 2023. He’s going be a guy right off the bat in the premier class to compete for some top fives and podiums. 

– The Chef will also be a title contender in the 250SX West Region. He will win races and be on the podium more often than not. 

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