Morning Espresso: I Brought ONE Back; Logan Karnow Goes Scorched Earth; Random Rankings and More

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Thank goodness Troy is done with his stupid team previews and I can reclaim MY column: Morning Espresso.

Going forward, this column will be ALL Slaw. Except when I’ve drunk too many Claws and let Troy have it.

What can you expect? Awesome moto stuff from around the web in ONE place, random rankings and much more.

Welcome back.

ONE Industries is Back Thanks to Me

Slaw was a MASSIVE ONE Industries fan. So much so, I’ve been posting a ton of throwbacks on the Vurb IG over the years in hopes that someone would notice how much love people had for the brand and that it would be reincarnated. 

Thanks to ME, and you fans, but mostly ME, I’m ONE hundred percent sure ONE is returning. (See what I did there?)

ONE has been teasing some stuff on the Gram and Slaw has dug deep. Despite no PR on it, I’ve found out some stuff. I can’t release it yet, as I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but I think it’s going to be awesome. 

I’m just glad it’s coming back. Thanks to ME. What should I bring back next? AXO? JT Racing? Name it and I’ll do it. 

Logan Karnow Goes Scorched Earth

I hate to pile on the Vince Friese stuff, but here we are. Slaw has heard nothing but good things away from the track about Friese. Nice guy, is what Slaw has been told.

On the track, yeah…

Anyway, Logan Karnow was involved in the nasty first turn heat race pileup at Anaheim 1 and while I don’t think Vince was at fault, his reputation is what it is. So it’s going to make the news.

No matter what, if Vince is involved riders are going to be pissed. It’s like the rider who cried wolf. Even if Vince wasn’t at fault, all his previous stuff, where he was at fault, proceeds him.

Well, Logan went scorched Earth on Friese after the incident.

I’m Getting Troy Dog a TV

Being the nice guy that I am, thinking about starting a GoFundMe for Troy Dog so he can get a TV and be able to watch the race before writing about them.

Random Rankings

People I DON’T want on my Gypsy Tales 500 Team, Slaw Abiding Citizens:

1 Troy Dog

2 VurbWes

3 Brad

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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