We Grade Instabangers: Nick Wey on a Supermini

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Nick Wey is a legend.

We could dive into a huge wormhole here about how awesome Nick Wey is as a person, father, and racer. However, we don’t have enough space for that here, so let’s just focus on this clip that he put up on Instagram yesterday shall we?

Although the corner starts off a little rough (it’s still better and faster than any of us can do), we’re going to give this Instabanger a 10/10. The NYK had to take his son’s bike out for a spin to make sure things were dialed. You know how dedicated to setup that he is after all. This is a man who openly went on the PulpMX Show years ago to talk about how he’d put his helmet on the top of a TV in a hotel room just to glance up at the helmet every now and then to make sure the stickers were in the right spots.

Look, the point is, Tricky Nicky still SHREDS. Also, we know that Husqvarna Supermini is in fact a ripper as well. Listen to the bark on this thing carrying a grown man in an uphill double section. He did this with ease. Can we also talk about the bike skill in the little roller before the takeoff of the jump? He kept the power to the rear the entire time.

The landing of this jump is so smooth as well. Tricky ends up on the downside with his throttle pinned leaving the perfect amount of roost. It’s a total pro move.

First, Kris Keefer races Steve Matthes on a mini bike and now we have Nick shredding one. Is it possible that we can get some sort of older gentleman mini national? I’d for sure pay to see that. As a matter of fact, this sounds like the perfect event to have at Glen Helen. Could you imagine 30-40 superminis wide open going up Mt. St. Helens ridden by former pros?


You know, we have several stops on the Vurb Shred Tour left, maybe we could make this happen?

Stay tuned…

PS: Can we talk about how fast life goes? How is it possible that Vincent Wey is in his final few months of riding a supermini? After Loretta Lynns he’s moving up to the big bikes, which officially makes Slaw Dog super old.

Main Image: Nick Wey

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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