Most Likely: Is Justin Cooper Most Likely to End Up at Star Racing in 2025? Plus More!

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Each week, Slaw, Troy, Denny Stephenson, and sometimes Ginger Dog will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

Which rider is most likely to retire next?

T-Dog: I can tell you that it isn’t going to be Kyle Chisholm. It’s not going to be Christian Craig either as he told me on my Squad Pod this week. So, to not be like everyone else and pick Tomac, I’ll go with Jeremy Martin. The past few seasons have been rough on him and I would think he’d eventually get tired of getting hurt.

DBO: Sadly it will most likely be the number 3. My favorite rider I used to love to harass. The one I knew was capable of more than what we were all seeing. Elito Mac is officially dead & gone. But Eli will be soon riding off into the sunset. Altho, I am looking forward to his return to MXDN this Fall & his final SX season in 2025.

Slaw: Damn, T Dog doing us dirty. The most obvious answer is Eli Tomac. Hell, he almost retired last year and probably would have if he had won the title. While he was rejuvenated this year and will return next year, I think he hangs it up after the 2025 season.

Cooper Webb and Troy Dog filmed a part 2 of the Academy Award nominated series National Player at Budds Creek in 2010. It never saw the light of day. Does Travis Steward most likely still have the footage?

T-Dog: I’ve been asking him for 14 years, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

DBO: I literally. Have NO idea what these words mean. Who? What? When?

Slaw: He 100% still does and is being lazy. He should be jailed for not releasing this Oscar-worthy piece of cinema to the public.

Which rider is most likely to be the biggest surprise of the 450 Pro Motocross Championship?

T-Dog: After last summer when my Squad took over the nationals I’m not sure what else their is to accomplish. It’s going to be the summer of Phil Nicoletti, how about that?

DBO: I think Justin Cooper is going to have some lights out motos this summer. I can sense a bit “El Chupacabra” Baggett in the 32 when it comes to the outdoors.

Slaw: Not sure it’s a “surprise” at this point, but Ty Masterpool. I think he snags an overall podium or two this summer. 

Which rider is most likely going to be the biggest surprise of the 250 Motocross Championship?

T-Dog: Nick Romano needs a standout moment, so I’m ready to see it and I heard that he’s unreal outdoors.

DBO: I think the American fans are gonna shit their pants. When they see what Vialle is capable of. With a US summer already under his belt. It could get ugly.

Slaw: Dax Bennick. Watch out for this kid this summer.

Which rider most likely said, “I can’t wait for outdoors” the most?

T-Dog: Ty Masterpool

DBO: Sexton & his new orange flexi-flier. The new “4”, has to be more than ecstatic to get out of the stadiums & start over in the summer of pain. Oh & most definitely our buddy Grant Harlan. He literally told me those exact words at Daytona.

Slaw: All of them not named Jett. 

Which rider most likely said, “I can’t wait for outdoors” the least?

T-Dog: Cade Clason. He’s racing some and he doesn’t sound stoked on it despite me hyping him up on it.

DBO: Yeah, I can’t imagine Malcolm looking forward to it in the least.

Slaw: Mookie. He just wants to fish, man. 

Is Justin Cooper most likely to end up at Star Racing in 2025?

T-Dog: Yes, when Tomac and Webb retire, Justin Cooper is the future for Star Racing in the 450 class. They won’t let him go. It would be foolish. He’s been their guy since day one.

DBO: Yea. I would have to think Star would be foolish to let him go. While in the same breath. I think Justin would be a fool to leave in 25. Take a pay cut. Bet on yourself. Be the man in Blu for 26.

Slaw: Depends on if Tomac returns. I think Justin is SUPER undervalued, but other than Star not really sure where he goes… maybe HEP? Would be a good fit.

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Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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