New Vurb: Most Asked Questions

We’ve been riding high these last weeks. The outpouring of support has been immense and we are beside ourselves with the gratitude we have from both our fans and the industry. We’ve received countless questions asking what our plans are, what type of content we’ll be publishing, what races we’re going to attend, etc. So much so that we thought it would be a good idea to post some of our feedback to help our readership understand where we are, where we hope to go, and how we’re going to get there.

Feel free to post any additional questions in the comments below and we’ll do our best to respond.

How will you cover races? Will you be at all the Amateur Nationals, Supercross, Pro Motocross, etc.?
While we’re not in this for the money, the truth regarding any organization is that there is a financial component to everything. Remember when we shut our doors a few years back? Well, we’re going to ensure that doesn’t happen again. We will cover races, but not in the traditional fashion. There are plenty of publications in our industry that already do a fantastic job with that. We’ll try and put our creative spin on current events and we’re dreaming up new ideas daily. However, if you’re looking for play-by-play action, hit our boys at Racer X up. They do it better than anyone.

As for what events we’ll be attending, in short, we don’t know yet. We’ll be at Loretta’s and are working to ensure we’re at Pro Motocross. Having photographers, videographers, and overall content creators takes a tremendous effort and financial responsibility. At the moment all of our efforts are coming out of pocket and we are trying to recreate the wheel with how we work with advertisers. Most of this will be impacted by how much merchandise we are able to sell. All shop sales go directly to supporting this venture and will reflect how much content we can afford to create. So if you want to see some dope content, go buy a t-shirt or a hat. Hell, even a koozie for that matter.

Feast your eyes on our newest drop. Limited prints will be available and then this bad boy will disappear faster than your old man heading out for some smokes when you were five. Pre-sales are now live and will last until, you guessed it Sherlock, we run out of stock or decide to shut it down… we’ll decide later. Buy now!

Are “Vurb Originals” and “Vurb Platinums” coming back?
Shit, this is about money again, isn’t it? The short answer is, yes. The long answer is, hell yes. Vurb Originals are expensive. Vurb Platinums are the equivalent of buying a new truck. We’ll find ways to get there, but please understand that our goal is to not quit again, which means growing at a pace that is sustainable. We have a large network of the most talented creators in the industry, but they all have careers to support and the days of hiring people for $200 are gone. With that said, who’s ready for Barcia 2.0?!

And we already released our first Vurb Original with Christian Craig, so that answers that:

Are Vurb Classic races coming back?
We loved putting on the Vurb Classic events. We 100% plan on doing some events in the future. While we despise the term “thinking outside the box,” that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Our goal is to bring as much attention to amateur motocross as possible, and we’ve got some smokin’ ideas on how to do that through events. Be patient as we work toward this goal.

Are you still an amateur focused website?
Yes, amateur racing has always been the core of Vurb and will remain so. We want to spotlight amateur athletes and amateur events whenever possible. Again, it will be different as we don’t currently have the budget to attend every Amateur National or Loretta Lynn’s Regional around the country, but our hope is to reach that goal again soon. In the meantime get ready for Loretta’s, because we’ll be there with bells on.  

Can you explain the Red Program?
We want to be transparent with this program. The goal is to give the next generation of creatives a shot. What they choose to do with that opportunity is ultimately up to them. We’ll provide a platform, creative feedback from our staff, as well as help them push whatever project they aspire to go after. It is not a full-time job with Vurb, but there is potential for some to turn it into that if the opportunity arises. We have also had a tremendous number of requests from our readers to be a part of this. Please hang with us as we try to respond to everyone appropriately. Our staff is small.

Our first Red Program entry from Seth Heggie featuring Brandon Walther, aka “Plan A” and Sean Calderon, aka “Plan B” at Underground in Texas. 

We’re an advertiser and want to spend money with you?
We’ve received multiple requests from potential ad partners. It’s a humbling feeling, to be honest. We want to work with likeminded advertisers. We don’t want to be a company that just sells impressions, though. We want to work directly with select partners to create campaigns unique to our audience. While we need money to operate, this, again, isn’t a money grab. We’re in this for the long haul and we’re willing to take some time to plan this phase of the company out in order to do that. For interested parties please contact us at (yes, that’s a real email).

Got more questions? Feel free to post them in the comments below, DM us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or email us at

Viva la Vurb!


  1. Andy: We’re staying pretty small right now. Trying to get the ship pointed in the right direction. Not sure what the future holds.

  2. Andy – in addition to what Bird Dog has mentioned – we love offroad now more than we ever even did before. Through our many endeavors with Red Bull, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside badass athletes in some insanely epic places around the world during our “time off”. While I’m not sure that the future will support a standalone offroad site, I’m just as excited to go make some Offroad Originals as I am to show up and do the same at Loretta Lynn’s. Don’t think any genre or discipline will be off limits for us moving forward.
    Over and out, Chilidog vurbwes



Written by Bird Dog

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