Roundtable: Star Racing March Madness, World Mini Memory, and SX Surprise Rider of the Season

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Welcome to the Vurbmoto Roundtable! It’s a feature we had in the early days and now it’s such a legend that it makes a return. Our panel of experts, Bird and T-Dog, give their best opinion on hot topics in the sport. We also let Slaw give his opinion, but no one cares what he has to say. Let’s get to it!

Star Racing Yamaha has enough riders to create their own basketball team for a bid to win the March Madness Tournament. Which riders on the team would make your starting five?

Bird Dog –

Center: Jason Anderson
Representing the 505, Anderson may seem chill, but show me one time in his racing career that he’s put up with shit from anyone. You can’t. Which is why, even though he’s not a Star rider, I’m making a trade and putting him in at center. As team owner I can make these types of moves. 

Power Forward: Michael Mosiman
Most moto dudes lack athletic ability when it comes to “traditional” sports of the stick and ball variety. Mossiman may be fooling me, but it seems like he may have some swagger, which is why he’s my choice for Power Forward. 

Small Forward: Jordon Smith
I don’t know what a Small Forward does if I’m being honest. So I just decided to put Jordon here because, well, shit, I don’t know. He’s an athletic dude. His brother is a kicker for a college football team and he can rip a golf ball. How does that crossover into basketball? Again, no clue. I don’t play basketball. 

Shooting Guard: Haiden Deegan
As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Slaw on this one. Deegan wants the attention and has ice running through his veins. Give him the rock and he’ll take it home. 

Point Guard: Justin Cooper
Cooper reminds me of a feisty little dog with quick twitch muscle ability. He’s not only the Point Guard of the Start Team, but the quiet leader in the locker room, as well. 

Troy Dog –

Center: Daxton Bennick
He may be a Freshman, but my guy is ready for the big tournament spotlight. He shines in the big moments as he’s shown by getting a podium in his first Supercross and he has a bright future ahead of him. I’m giving Dax the starting center job over some other veterans, but have you seen him? He’s the tallest guy on the team and can shove some people around in the paint.

Power Forward: Eli Tomac
My veteran superstar is a 14th year red shirt, but don’t call him old or he will put up a 50-point night on you. He’s going to outlast the defense and push everyone around to get the open shot. On defense he’s going to grab 15 boards a night. Get out of here with that weak stuff.

Small forward – Jordon Smith
Smith, a 12th year red shirt senior, is always ready to send it for the big dance. He’s going to outmuscle all of you with his man strength. That’s what I want to see from Jordon, a tough physical game, but I also want him to post up on the three point line to know down some big, wide open, threes. He’s the man for this job.

Shooting Guard: Haiden Deegan
My sophomore all-star will give you fits all night. He’s a little unhinged, which will keep you guessing on what kind of performance you’ll get in each game. Deegs is that guy that will average almost 30PPG and he will make a difference in the close games. He’s young, but developmentally sound, and he’s the perfect shooting guard for this squad.

Point Guard: Cooper Webb
The man who just earned his 24th 450SX Main Event win is the perfect pick to run my offense. I wouldn’t want anybody else to do it. Webb has ice in his veins. Down the line in the close games I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the ball. I want him to have the ball in the final ten seconds when I need a game winning shot. He will sink them more often than not.

Slaw Dog:

Center: Eli Tomac
Dude is a bruiser. You need someone like that in the paint when a PG tries to get a dunk. Eli would just stare at them and they would run away.

Power Forward: Dax Bennick
Young, but tall. He can lean on Tomac in the paint to clog up space. Also, he’s certainly a stretch four. Can dribble, shoot the 3 and more. 

Small Forward: Jordon Smith
Veteran. He’s like a scratch golfer, so you know he did more outside moto. 

Shooting Guard: Haiden Deegan
You need someone with confidence that isn’t scared to shoot the rock…. A LOT. Deegs has that confidence. 

Point Guard: Nick Romano
He grew up in the Mecca of basketball: New York. He’s probably played at Rucker Park. He’s my starting PG.

We’ve got World Mini on the horizon on April 4-7 at Mesquite. What is your all-time favorite World Mini moment from back in the day?

Bird Dog – Mine was the first time we ever interviewed Kyle Regal in 2007, and his first ever interview. It was by far the most uncomfortable 10 minutes of my life and one that I wish I could take back. Kyle grew into a decent on camera personality, but it would be putting it mildly to say he wasn’t a natural. He was an up and coming Suzuki kid that put in some solid results in the Intermediate class, so we took the opportunity to hype him up a little. Looking back, I’m not sure that footage ever saw the light of day. Which is probably a good thing. 

Troy Dog – If Slaw was actually paying attention, I had Blake Wharton on the Squad Pod last year and we talked about that magical week at World Mini among other topics. I’m also calling Blake up next week to talk it over once again because I have more questions about this. I’ve never been to the World Mini and Blake Wharton’s performance in 2007 was the reason I started paying attention to the race.

Slaw Dog – Can’t recall the year, but when Blake Wharton won on like a 65, 85, Supermini, 250, 450 and electric bike (probably). Dude was straight heat that week and honestly, probably the best AM performance in history. Why don’t we talk about that more? Well, Slaw it. 

Which rider racing Monster Energy Supercross has come out of nowhere this year and surprised you the most?

Bird Dog – If you ain’t talking about Tom Vialle in this answer you need to have your head checked. MXGP stardom is one thing, but to win under the lights in the land of the FREE, well, that’s a different skill set all together. Just ask Jorge Prodo. 

Troy Dog – Anthony Bourdon appreciation time, TAKE NOTE BAR X! Earlier in the season a member of the Bar X Suzuki team said that I wasn’t giving Bourdon enough press. I sent them a couple examples of my coverage on him and offered to have him on my Squad Pod. Well, he doesn’t speak english, so that was out of the discussion. All playfulness aside, Bourdon has been amazing in his rookie season. He’s raced a lot of Supercross over the years, but to finally have the chance to race in America and perform like he is is outstanding. The team rep said that Eric Sorby sometimes stops by and translates, but other than that they figure out what he needs one way or another.

Slaw Dog – Cameron McAdoo. I remember him getting a MotoConcepts ride at Daytona AM and I’d never heard of him. To be leading the title and have the career he’s had, super impressive. 

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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