Vurbmoto Madness! The Final Four Are…

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You love March Madness, WE love March Madness, so let’s have some Vurbmoto Madness, shall we? We understand that March is now over, but we’re giving you guys some time to think these choices over. Today WE are announcing the Final Four and next week we will be down to our championship round!

If you’re late to this party, Troy Dog spent a weekend creating the ultimate list of the best riders to ever do the thing and we seeded them into a sweet sixteen bracket. Each week you have voted either here on the website, or on social media, to decide which riders move onto the next round.

The Results Are IN:

1.) Ricky Carmichael: 94%

8.) Jeff Ward: 6%

(The GOAT continues on to the Final Four as we all expected, but put some more respect on Wardy’s name!)

Site Vote:

2.) Jeremy McGrath: 66%

7.) James Stewart: 34%

Instagram Vote:

2.) Jeremy McGrath: 34%

7.) James Stewart: 66%

(What? We didn’t think that this is possible to have a tie on two different polls and a different winner each time. We took the poll to Twitter (X) for the tie-breaker.

Twitter Vote:

2.) Jeremy McGrath: 56%

7.) James Stewart: 44%

3.) Ricky Johnson: 11%

6.) Eli Tomac: 89%

(Our first upset isn’t really an upset, it’s just a seeding thing. I will say that some recency bias probably had to do with this one. RJ is a bad dude!

Instagram Vote:

4.) Ryan Villopoto: 77%

5.) Ryan Dungey: 23%

Site Vote:

4.) Ryan Villopoto: 75%

5.) Ryan Dungey: 25%

(We honestly thought that this one would have been a little closer…really guys? Do you not remember what Dungey accomplished? Interesting…)

The Final Four will be…

1.) Ricky Carmichael


4) Ryan Villopoto


2.) Jeremy McGrath


6.) Eli Tomac

We’ll be back shortly to bring you guys the voting for the Final Four, but for now your homework is to think these matchups through. It should be an interesting finish!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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