Graphic Content: Logan Karnow Shows Video of Leg Injury at Anaheim 1

SLAW WARNING: If you are under the age of 18 or squeamish in any way, please exit this post immediately. And thank you for the pageview.

Slaw’s favorite privateer Logan Karnow had a rough go of it at the Anaheim 1 season opener on Saturday. He was involved in that 450 heat race pileup with Hunter Lawrence, Vince Friese and others.

Well, Log Dog being the content king he is, decided to show the entire moto community his leg, which while Slaw is no doctor, I’m 100% sure it is not supposed to bend that way.

AGAIN, graphic content below.

Karnow is down in a bad way. So go support him so he can get some time on his boat while injured.

Written by Slaw Dog

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