Slawdictions for Ironman: Don’t Stick a Forkner In It

WE’RE BACK, BABY! Kids don’t like reading long stories these days, so I’ll keep the intro short and sweet. Read on for some fire ass bold predictions for Ironman.

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The Jett was back at SlawDilla, taking his first overall since the opener. Pretty crazy that he hadn’t won an overall since the start of the season, but dem the facts. With his overall last weekend, he now trails Justin Cooper by just four points. I think he erases that this weekend and retakes the points lead.

Hey, he picked up ONE POINT! I’ll consider that a win. Thanks, Jett!

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.


Throw away that crash in the first moto at Dilla. Doesn’t count. Over the last five motos, Sexton has gone 3-1-3-11-2. Yeah, he’s been super impressive. I like that to continue this weekend with an overall podium. Heck, he may even win the damn thing.


Slawdiction: 4 out of 10.


No, Mike Alessi is not returning to racing. Rookie Jace Kessler is now running #800 and at Unadilla last weekend, he had a great ride in the first moto with a 13th. I like another top 15 finish for the 800 this weekend.

LIKE THE PREVIOUS #800, KESSLER RIPPED A TOP TEN START…. then crashed, letting Slaw Nation down. Thankfully it appears he’ll be okay!

“First moto ripped a good start from wayyy outside and was came around the first turn inside the top 10 but ended up going down pretty hard down the straight and that’s all she wrote,” he wrote on Instagram. “Bummed I wasn’t able to line up for the second moto and how the day went, but were re group this week, and hoping to be good to go for Ironman next weekend!”

Slawdiction: 800 out of 10.


Over the last six motos, Max Anstie has been solid going 9-11-9-12-8-9. Honestly, Anstie should be in the top 10 every weekend. He’s had some struggles this year, but he’s turning the corner. I like him for another double top 10 this weekend. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Max had the entire Nation of Slaw sweating this one. But the lad delivered with 9-10 scores for 10th (!!!!!) overall. Tea and biscuits on Slaw Nation next time, Max!

Slawdiction: 19 out of 10.


Member when TLD teased a guest rider last year? While the spot didn’t go to Andrea Carson, it was still a cool idea from the team. Well, with the entire team out for this weekend, I Slaw, am offering up my services as a fill-in. I’ve reached out to Tyler Keefe regarding the opening and expect to make my debut this weekend!

After intense discussions, Slaw and the TLD squad came to an agreement for the remainder of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. Unfortunately, due to people a lot higher up than us, with visas and stuff, they were not really allowing us and stuff like that. I want to thank Tyler Keefe and the TLD team for all their hard work. We’ll be back. I’m still striving for more!

Slawdiction: To be determined.

On to Ironman….

Don’t Stick a Forkner In It

Is the real Austin Forkner finally standing up? After a horrid start to the season, Forkner has gone 6-4-5 over the last three motos and is showing the form that made him a past title contender. I think he continues to trend upward this weekend and scores another top five overall.

Jett’s Brother Get Another Podium

As the great Ralph Sheheen would say, Jett’s brother, Hunter, turned the corner last weekend. He was back on the podium for the first time since going 1-1 at Southwick! Yeah, that was a long time ago. Guess what though, doggies? He’s back and I like him for another moto podium this weekend.

Martin Adds Another Overall

1-1-3-1-3-2-3-1 those are Jeremy Martin’s moto scores since Spring Creek. Dude is straight up en fuego right now and if not for an early season injury would be right in the thick of this title chase. Injuries or not, J-Dog is still out there giving it the beans and winning. And guess what? He’s gonna continue that this weekend with another overall. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Ferrandis Goes Beast Mode Late in the Race

Dyl-Dog is beginning to remind me of when Eli Tomac used to get hot late in the race and there was just no stopping him. Thanks to the Weege, we now have what is called “Dylan Danger Zone.” He enters it this weekend in one of the motos and comes from behind to take a W.

Surratt Continues Top 20 Rides

One of the most overlooked storylines the last few weeks has been Ryan Surratt. Not anymore, because he just made Slawdictions! I have no idea what his program is like, but I doubt it’s anywhere near some of the dudes he’s been beating. He’s gone 17-14-11-20-19 over the last five motos. Damn impressive if you ask me. I like him for TWO more top 20 moto scores this weekend.

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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