Mike Genova Can Hire Whoever He Wants

SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts Honda (side rant: WE need to do something about this name. Too long, dog) recently announced a four-rider team of Benny Bloss, Shane McElrath and the returning Justin Hill and Vince Friese.

You’d figure a team announcing a four-rider factory supported squad (the biggest 450 effort in the series) would be meet with joy. Nope, this is 2020 and everyone NEEDS TO HAVE AN OPIONON (i.e. A COMPLAINT).

What, Slaw, is this complaint? Glad you asked. I guess, according to the Internet, Vince Friese is not suited to have this ride. You see, the Internet has decided that a private team can’t hire WHOEVER THE F THEY WANT! They should hire X, Y or Z instead.

Here’s the thing: Mike Genova (team owner) has dumped millions upon millions into this sport over a number of years and has provided many of riders a job. So, Mike could hire Slaw for the next five years (hit me up, Mike, I’m a free agent) and tell the rest of you to suck it! Because, guess what: HE OWNS THE TEAM.

But Slaw, so and so deserves a ride over Friese. Wah wah wah. Guess what, if Mike Genova wanted to hire another rider, he could. From what I hear, Genova and Tony Alessi (team manager) like to keep a family-oriented environment around the team. They eat dinners together, go on trips, etc. Vince, who has ridden for the team most of his career, is obviously well-liked by Mike and Tony.

Further, the Internet is acting like Vince is a scrub. He’s not. In 2020, he raced all 17 rounds, grabbed a f ton of good starts (which, hint, is good for sponsors), and finished 14th in points, ahead of Adam Cianciarulo (Note: I’ve been told that AC missed a lot of rounds. So, yeah, but still).

So, in short, Mike Genova should and could hire whoever he wants and you all can continue to complain.

End rant.

Main image: MotoConcepts

One Comment

  1. Why do people act like “if you ain’t first you’re last”. yeah yeah the movie was funny.
    Then proceed to scrub on (insert rider) who makes mains. As literally that makes (insert rider) one of the fastest riders on the planet. Who earned his spot on the gate and the team. MotoConcepts is blessing for our sport, keep up the good work guys.

    But still wondering is a Hotdog a sandwich?

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