Let’s Remember the “Behind the Machine” Series

Man, I almost forgot this series even existed. Thanks to the YouTube rabbit hole, I now remember.

In 2012, Troy Adamitis, the man behind the The Great Outdoors, some seasons of Supercross: Behind the DreamMX Nation and more, teamed up with Red Bull to create a masterpiece of a series called Behind the Machine.

It was an awesome look behind the curtains of the 2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. If you have some time, go ahead and binge watch it all below.

Ep1 The Pursuit of a Championship

Ep2 Coming up Short

Ep3 Life in Transition

Ep 4 Building a Champion

Ep5 Dungey vs Stewart

Ep6 A Turning Point

Ep7 Unfamiliar Territory

Ep8 History Is Made


  1. Okay, that was awesome, and impossible not to binge that. Can’t believe that was 10years ago!

  2. Dan, I agree with you on all fronts. I clicked on the first one and immediately had two thoughts… 1) Holy shit, this was 10 years ago 2) Damn, Troy Adamitis’ voice makes me feel some type of way.
    Next thing I know it was 2 hours later.

    Seriously makes me excited to be able to invest money into doing vurb content on this level. It’ll happen!!!

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