Jason Anderson Addresses Jett Lawrence Altercation On Social Media

San Diego delivered when it came to drama and great racing. The disagreement after the race between Jason Anderson and Jett Lawrence certainly added some extra spice to an amazing night of racing. Well, we heard from Lawrence earlier this week, but now we’ve got a statement from Anderson on Tuesday morning.

One thing that I noticed while checking out the comments is that fellow 450SX riders and even the King, Jeremy McGrath, are absolutely loving what Anderson had to say.

Be right back. I’m going to pop some popcorn.

Main Image: Octopi Media


  1. Jettson is young, he’s going to make mistakes. He thinks he’s all that and hasn’t realized how a lot of luck went his way in motocross and Supemx that has formed his over confidence.
    This year 8nninbSX will humble him.
    Nice job Jason Anderson, don’t take no shit from the Aussies. Hunta is getting spanked!

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