Roundtable: 450SX Championship, Hammaker, and Jett

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Welcome to the Vurbmoto Roundtable! It’s a feature we had in the early days and now it’s such a legend that it makes a return. Our panel of experts, Bird and T-Dog, give their best opinion on hot topics in the sport. We also let Slaw give his opinion, but no one cares what he has to say. Let’s get to it!

Bird Dog has been absolutely crushing this column lately, so I gave him the week off from writing. We brought in Denny Stephenson to help this week.

Is the 450SX Championship over?

Den Dog (AX Expert) – The 2024 450SX title is over.

Troy Dog (Privateer Expert) – I don’t want to say this. I don’t want to say this. I don’t want to say this. Yes, barring injury, the 2024 450SX Champion will be Jett Lawrence. All of his competitors have had their best chances to beat him in the past few weeks and none of them could make it happen. Jett actually picked up the pace and took off in the last Triple Crown Main Event of the night in Indy. He has a 21 point lead to manage and seven rounds to go.

Slaw Dog (Cursing Expert) – I didn’t foresee this. Yeah, Jett went undefeated in Pro Motocross, but I THOUGHT Supercross would be more challenging. Slaw never admits he’s wrong, but this time I will. I was wrong. Jett is next level. I’m honestly not sure who is touching him the rest of the year. In short: yeah the title chase is over. It was fun while it lasted. 

Is Seth Hammaker always in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is he more accident prone than we thought?

Den Dog (East Region Champ) – Hammaker constantly puts himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eventually one has to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Troy Dog (Squad Champ) – Yeeshhhh, idk, man. The amount of incidents that he’s been involved in this year alone has been a lot. He’s making podiums, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt right now. We need more of a sample size to truly make the call. The 250SX East Region has been full of craziness and weird crashes, so maybe we can just chalk this up to young kids sending it too hard?

Slaw Dog (Not a Champ) – Wrong place, wrong time. I think. How he hasn’t broken in half the last few rounds is a pure testament to his strength or luck? I don’t know, but Seth seems to have nine lives.

What would you be doing with your life if you were as on top of the world as Jett Lawrence right now?

Den Dog (Professional Announcer) – If I were Jett I would just keep my head down and continue to do what he’s doing. Stay focused and keep the daily distractions far away. Then go enjoy your success and millions.

Troy Dog (Squad Pod Host) – I’d be sticking to the grind for the next 10 years. IF I can keep this pace up of winning and making deals then you better believe I’m setting myself up to retire at 30. I’d be hiring the best accountants and investors as well. Then once I have enough saved up to maintain the yacht, helicopter, three mansions, and private jet for 70 years, it’s time to retire. Welcome to the yacht club.

Slaw Dog (Has a face for radio) – Isn’t safe for this family friendly website. 

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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