I’m Planning a Trip to Shred at Cycle Ranch in Texas

I first stumbled upon Cycle Ranch when I was doing some research on tracks in Texas a couple of years ago. I wanted to be up to speed on the racing culture in the Lone Star State and know what these riders were talking about when they said they practiced somewhere. 

However, something about Cycle Ranch just stood out to me. This place is a motocrossers dream. It’s set on 100 acres of land in the small town of Floresville, which is to the southeast of San Antonio. The facility holds a national track, a vet track, a night track, turn tracks, trails, and a BMX pump track. This track is perfect for a weekend at the races, or even a vacation destination. 

From all of the research that I’ve done on the track, it’s apparent that the owner Iain Grae wants you to feel at home and one with the track upon visiting. Grae has been a lifelong racer and he understands the importance of a high quality facility and what that means to surrounding areas. He pours his heart and soul into making the track the best that it can be. Sure, the dirt is a perfect mixture of cake, but Grae wants to make sure your experience at his track is memorable for years to come.

It’s not everyday that you’ll find a track with a cafe and race shop, but Cycle Ranch isn’t your run of the mill track. The tracks are prepped for daily practice and they have training programs available at all times. You can even learn to ride at the track and rent a variety of different bikes right on the website at a really great price. 

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One of the biggest goals of Cycle Ranch is bigger than moto. Grae, along with the friendly staff want you to enjoy every part of your stay and hopefully it will impact your life in the long run. We all ride and race because it’s a hobby and it’s an escape from the real world for a minute. The nerves you feel suiting up on race day are there to make you feel alive. Grae knows that feeling all too well and he attributes that to the success of the track. 

It all boils down to your experience with the track. Grae lives in Costa Rica, where wildlife and jungle is plush. He says that when he goes to the edge of the property in Texas, that the wildlife reminds him of home. He can ride, relax, and take time for himself to recharge with one of his favorite hobbies in life at this MX oasis. 

On top of everyday practice, they also hold around 15 race weekends per year, with a guaranteed $5,000 pro purse at the Tex-Mex Showdown on April 26-28. 

I’m diligently trying to come up with a vacation plan to go down to Cycle Ranch and ride this year. It sounds like a blast. You should do the same. They have RV hookups and literally everything that you would need at a motocross track. After my stay, maybe I can talk Grae into a tour of the Costa Rican jungles with all the monkeys and birds?


Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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